Photo Credit: Hannah Caffrey
Photo Credit: Hannah Caffrey

The last instalment of our summer playlist is here! We’ve included both a Spotify playlist AND a SoundCloud playlist at the end because we’re kind like that (also because some songs weren’t on one format, but on the other).
So go ahead and crank it on blast, roll past Front Street and sit back as everyone* takes notice of you and your cool summer jamz.

*absolutely no one

Morrissey – Everyday is Like Sunday

For the morning after taking drugs. This is a private one; when you get home, put in your earphones and cry until you fall asleep.

OutKast – So Fresh, So Clean
Everyone was playing this around their campsites at Coachella this year, so it automatically tops any ‘track-to-be-played-at-festivals’. Pretending that you listened to Stankonia all the way through will get you caught though, don’t overdo it.

The whole Shrines album – Purity Ring
It has TRAP HI HATS and a CUTE VOICE and SUB BASS all the way through. If your friends missed this in 2012, you can be the person to bestow a gift that will return adoration unto you.

Real Estate – It’s Real
Short and simple with a chorus of “oooohawhoaahh” that you can definitely chill to. Never show your mates a picture of Real Estate though; the band members all have that White Dad Swag that no one is ready for.

Rustie – City Starr
“BRO THIS IS SICK BRO, I LOVE EDM” – Avoid saying stuff like this. Say “tight” or “dope” instead, those words are in right now.

Ryan Hemsworth – Weird Life
Ryan Hemsworth loves dogs and makes hot ass beats, Weird Life is just one of them. Get to know Ryan Hemsworth this summer. On a personal level. He’s pretty friendly.

Shigeto – Detroit Part 1
Some proper spacey shit, you can tell all your friends you’ve got the perfect song to get high to and they’ll all be like “yeah, this is sick mate”.

Shlohmo – Ghosts, Part 2
What is it with these spacey producers and their obsession with Parts?! Anyway, this is some more blunt music for you to prang out to.

Surfer Blood – Twin Peaks
It has a cat meow at the start and references Twin Peaks, aka the best TV show ever. This can fill your “cool indie guitars” slot in your arsenal of music you can pretend to know about.

Thundercat – Oh Sheit, It’s X
I’m not going to say anything facetious here, this is so fucking good and you need to listen to it for yourself and feel good and SHIT GOT DAMN I WANT TO PARTY.

Toro Y Moi – Say That
A smooth voice accompanied by a vocal sample on the hook which is “proper nineties m8” make for a perfect slice of summertime groove. You can wear some bright clothes and weird sunglasses to complete the experience.

Twin Shadow – Run My Heart
Ever wanted to be that 80s music video guy who has to split up with his girlfriend because he’s so troubled, then rides away on his motorcycle thinking about the pain he’s going through? This is that, in music form.

Tycho – A Walk
This is what the good parts of heroin would sound like if it was audible, and you don’t have to worry about the bad parts either because it’s just music, kid!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble
This is so subdued and the vocals on the chorus are incredibly effective at making you attempt your own falsetto. Try not to do this in front of people though, you’ll ruin all the hard work I put into this list.

Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey
You thought Vampire Weekend were only cool in 2008? GUESS AGAIN. They haven’t stopped since then, and Ezra Koenig is The Most Charming Man In The World for the sixth year running because dress shirts and foppish hair never gets old.

Vic Mensa – Children of the Sun
This is you, you are a child of the sun! The sun! Summer! This track makes trill references to Harry Potter and cereal too, so go ahead and champion this rapper none of your mates have heard of.

Washed Out – Everything
Everything isn’t the track name. I’m saying listen to everything Washed Out has ever made. It’s all perfect summer music, but for the purpose of this list I’ll drop a link to Amor Fati below.
You don’t need to know the lyrics either because you can’t really hear them. Which sounds bad, but it’s a good thing.

Willis Earl Beal – Coming Through
Add soulful black guy to your list now! This is song is an Instagram filter for a mental YouTube compilation of your best summer moments. Throwing Frisbees, driving with all windows down, kissing on the grass… But not that night you did mountains of Ket to impress your peers. That’s not in the final cut.
(The video features The OC star Mischa Barton and is really creepy but in a cool, edgy way. Skip to 7:18 for the music if you’ve not got time to piss about.)

Youth Lagoon – Afternoon
The first time I heard this was courtesy of a Brazilian guy called Lucas. Every time I hear this song, I think of how much fun me and Lucas had that summer…  Pretend wrestling, smoking the drugs, being topless, eating watermelon. You want to know where I met Lucas? On ChatRoulette. NONE OF THAT STUFF HAPPENED. THAT’S HOW POWERFUL THIS SONG IS. LISTEN WITH CAUTION. (P.S. Lucas if you’re reading this, I miss you)

Zaz – Éblouie Par La Nuit
This song is sung in French and you listen to it after cooking your wonderful partner an evening meal because you’re a cultured fucking human being. Expensive wine is mandatory.
(This is the not-as-good-but-still-cool-and-French version)


So there you have it. The list comes in at just under 50 tracks, so that’s about enough to cover you. What this list of cool ass summer shit comes down to is basically this – if you can smoke to it, if it makes you feel sexy, if it makes you feel better than your friends, if you can drive to it, if you want to pretend to be someone else, if it makes you appear cultured… Then it’s cool.



Nathan Butler

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