Hunger Sauce is an appropriate title for The Family Rain’s latest EP, for it satisfies the rumbling bellies of indie followers everywhere. The three brothers from Bath have turned it up a gear with this fantastical four track masterpiece five months after that début LP, and with no other than Alex Turner paying close attention to them, The Family Rain are somewhat of a big deal.

Opening track ‘You Should Be Glad You’ve Got A Man’ could easily be mistaken for a Connect FM advertising jingle for car insurance, accompanied by a repetitive bashing of a few notes on a child’s keyboard that leads into a fast pace, catchy potential festival anthem.

There’s a heavy influence of new Kasabian in ‘Tarantula’ that makes you want to get up and stomp your feet and rebel against all things good for you, while ‘Punch Bowl’ finishes this whirlwind of an EP with a sing-along belter, like Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ at the end of a primary school disco, but on a much sinister approach with a Jack White vocal vibe.

The Family Rain flourish and mature as time goes on, spending so much of last year playing gigs. Like an A grade student determined to succeed, they’ve emerged with tight, pumped-up riffs and faultless summer tunes, which can only suggest a beyond mental year for the bros from Bath.

Charlotte Croft


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