Prince Art Official age

Prince has revealed that he is to release two albums on the same day next month. Plectrum Electrum, the long-awaited debut of his 3rd Eye Girl band – of which he took on his recent ‘tour’ around London – is finally set for release in addition to a new solo record entitled Art Official Age. That’s the artwork up there above. There’s clearly no sign yet of The Purple one dressing down anytime soon.

Art Official Age will feature previous releases ‘Breakfast Can Wait’, ‘The Breakdown’ and a new shiny Lianna La Havas-featuring piece of funk called ‘Clouds’ which you can hear below.

Art Official Age’s tracklisting:

  1. Art Official Cage
  2. Clouds
  3. The Breakdown
  4. The Gold Standard
  5. U Know Prince
  6. Breakfast Can Wait
  7. This Could Be Us
  8. What It Feels Like
  9. Affirmation I & II
  10. Way Back Home
  11. FunknRoll
  12. Time
  13. Affirmation III

Plectrum Electrum and Art Official Age are out on 29th September.

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