Last month, Audio Addict spoke to Charlie Simpson at his HMV Southampton instore during the promotional run for his second Top 10 solo album Long Road Home.

Amongst talk regarding the writing/recording process for the album, the influence of America on his music and his adoration for film score aficionado Hans Zimmer, Simpson shared his opinions on 5 Seconds Of Summer – the Australian pop rock phenomenon he’s set to support tonight at their iTunes Festival headline performance – and their controversial appearance on the cover of the summer edition of Rock Sound magazine:

“I know there’s been a big uproar about them being on the front of Rock Sound. People get too hepped up about that sort of thing – I really don’t know why they get so upset about it”, he says. “It doesn’t bother me. If people buy the magazines, then people buy the magazines – when people start complaining, I’m just like ‘pffft, whatever’.”

The full interview with Simpson will be uploaded next week as part of the content for Audio Addict’s relaunch week – be sure to check back then!

Charlie Simpson takes to the stage at the London Roundhouse at 7:45pm tonight. You can stream his set live via the iTunes Store for desktop, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Apple TV.

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