With a career expanding over a decade, and being the jack-of-all-trades he is, Tricky returns with his eleventh studio album titled after his real name. Tricky stated that “calling it Adrian Thaws is saying you don’t really know me… So many times people have tried to put a finger on me and every album I go to a different place.”

The album is the follow up from his 2013’s self-produced album False Idols. Produced from his apartment in London, a spectrum of artists collaborate on this album including appearances from Nneka, Mykki Blanco, Oh Land, Bella Gotti, Blue Daisy and Tirzan.

This thirteen track show-piece compiles the true qualities of Tricky’s identity – brutal, honest, dark yet unique. ‘Nicotine Love’ features the talented Francesca Belmonte and is the perfect taster to an album so full of surprises and twists. You think you have him figured when Tricky’s notorious angry prospective meets an annoyingly catchy electro beat which marinates sublimely – he is like an angrier and fiercer Drake minus the feeling sorry for oneself.

‘Something in the Way’ is a complete contrast to the beat-centric tracks – it presents Tricky’s more calming and atmospheric approach that is a refreshing and beautiful difference to say the least and possibly one of the favourites on the album. Tricky approaches another genre pleasantly well with the country and western vibes from ‘Keep Me in Your Shakes’.

The whole album is full of pleasing surprises and it feels like Tricky has been lying to us this complete time about his musical identity… You scoundrel, Adrian Thaws!

Charlotte Croft


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