vance joy

Dream Your Life Away is the much-anticipated and delightful follow-up album to masterwork single ‘Riptide’ by James Keogh, an Australian and former professional Aussie rules footballer who abandoned the sport to chase his musical aptitude – going by the stage name Vance Joy. With a record jam-packed with easy listening, congenial, enchanting and somewhat relatable folk tracks, Vance Joy has wondrously managed to seal that uneasy aperture between commercial radio and virtuous folk music.

The subtle and delicate notes of the opening track ‘Winds of Change’ will pull you in instantly and the captivating melodies, vocals and lyricism throughout won’t let you go until the album settles to rest with slowed down, tranquil closing track ‘My Kind Of Man’.

Highlights of Dream Your Life Away include ‘Red Eye’, a stunning indie-folk song entailing sweet lyricism, a beguiling guitar rhythm, and the intense crescendo to liven it up as well as ‘Wasted Time’, a track that will carry you through a voyage of emotions through a catchy guitar riff and nothing short of wholehearted lyricism. ‘Georgia’ is a warm track that follows the same mould of the record although Vance Joy’s vocals seem to shine through more as the melancholy falsetto tones allow you to empathize with the heartfelt lyricism.

‘First Time,’ set to be the second single release from Dream Your Life Away is incontestably a comfortable listen and would appear to share the same song-writing formula as previously celebrated single ‘Riptide’ musically, which would make it almost an impossibility not to get that same radio-friendly status, climb high into the charts and pull more people towards the record itself.

Vance Joy would fall somewhere between the heartfelt charm of John Mayer and the upbeat folky ambiance of Mumford & Sons with Dream Your Life Away as it is filled with countless starry-eyed yet pensive acoustic-folk-pop tracks that above all, are amiable and authentic.

Sarah El-saeidy


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