Foreword is our way of introducing some of our favourite underground artists. Traditionally, a foreword acts as a prelude to literature, telling the story of how said literature came to be. With Foreword, we take this concept and apply it to music. We’ll be taking a look at the origins, as well as the future of artists that we’re excited about. 

OhLayIndigo clearly understands the power that music can have. “I want to write that song that makes you get over your ex or that makes you realise you actually love your best friend” says the Norwegian singer-songwriter. The fact that Hanna Ponth – as she is known to family and friends – aims to become the soundtrack to these kinds of moments is fitting considering how she came to start writing songs: “I started writing songs as a way to get through being a teenager. I had so many feelings and music was my way to express it”.

Having recently created her OhLayIndigo moniker, Ponth’s sound is one which borrows from a variety of genres as can be seen clearly enough in latest single ‘Heartbeat’. The track’s blend of almost hip-hop production and pretty electro pop finds the singer “trying to find the balance between cheesey and poetic”. Ponth explains that she set out to write a love ballad but the result was unexpected: “It is actually my first happy song!” which could be responsible for the 8000+ plays that the track has amassed on her SoundCloud despite it only being a month old.

From here she looks to capitalise on her momentum: “I am so happy that people have responded to ‘Heartbeat’ and I just hope I can keep on improving. I’m excited for whatever is next on the horizon!”

James Barlow

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