Slash - World On Fire

He’s hailed as a guitar God and has had one of the most illustrious axe-wielding careers in music history, starting with riffs that changed the world in Guns n’ Roses, to rocking the 00s in supergroup Velvet Revolver, and even finding success with side project Slash’s Snakepit. It’s Slash! However the original guitar hero has failed to do anything REALLY exciting with current outfit, known as Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators.

The first record, known simply as Slash, was a cool experiment collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music world such as Lemmy from Motorhead, Cypress Hill, and Fergie. With the second record, Apocalyptic Love, Slash had settled down with one singer, Myles Kennedy (of Alter Bridge and amazing pipes fame) to deliver a decent album with standard rock tunes, but was distinctly less interesting. World On Fire is Slash’s second full album with Kennedy & The Conspirators, and a chance to prove that they are less of a dud that the last record suggested.

At first it seems like this album is the one to get us pumped about The Conspirators- the opening title track is flat out ballsy, catchy, and has Appetite for Destruction-era Slash written all over it. It does what the rest of this album unfortunately fails to do… it excites us. As this record progresses it all becomes more of the same and duller.

Whilst yes, Myles Kennedy’s voice IS incredible, and whilst the backing band hold their form well, and whilst Slash still rips on the guitar, it all means diddly squat if the songs aren’t entertaining. It’s a challenge to get through this album without getting bored, and a part of this is because it’s seventy seven minutes long! World On Fire definitely suffers from a case of more quantity than quality. The most hailed album Slash has performed on, Appetite For Destruction, was under an hour!

Should we expect more from someone hailed as a guitar God? Or maybe we should be complicit with a constant stream of mediocre material because HE IS SLASH after all – he’s done it all before so he can do whatever he wants now.

Jack King



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