To round off re-launch week, Audio Addict is delighted to welcome you to a new weekly feature entitled ‘HEY, LISTEN!’ – a selection of tracks from the past week that AA writers believe are well suited to your listening pleasure:

Octave Minds – ‘Tap Dance (feat. Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment)’

That hyper young Chicago lad just won’t go away. Chance The Rapper continues to taunt us with pieces here and there to string us along as we wait anxiously on news of a full project, the latest of which is an unlikely collaboration with Octave Minds – the new partnership of German electronic producer Boys Noize and renowned pianist Chilly Gonzales.

Chance is given plenty of room to operate as he flexes over Gonzales’ very Acid Rap-like piano melody, dancing metaphors galore, until the song fizzes up into a glorious climax complete with The Social Experiment’s uplifting horns. Like most of Chance’s best work it keeps an unshakable grin on your face throughout.

James Barlow @BassOddity

Bass Drum of Death – ‘For Blood’

Every once in a while when you feel discontented with the musical climate, there comes a track that pimp-slaps the sadness and boredom right off your face. It’s usually in a time where one band reigns over all other bands that subsequently try to be that first band who aren’t even that praiseworthy anyway (not naming names for fear of death by indie rock stans).

So naturally, just when you thought you’d never listen to another ‘guitar band’ again, in come Bass Drum of Death with ‘For Blood’, a track from upcoming third album in four years, Rip This.

It’s two minutes and twenty one seconds of thrashing guitars and drum kit destruction worthy of carrying the band’s name. Lyrically it’s about being hung over, so it makes for the perfect track to gain that second wind after a heavy night of drinking, thrashing and throwing chairs through cheap glass windows.

Nathan Butler @PeakFiDem

Totemo – ‘Host’

Totemo certainly knows that there’s nothing spookier than the supernatural world, as in her second ever release, ‘Host’, she incorporates numerous tropes associated with horror films. In its omnipresent eerie atmosphere, it’s soundtracks  a haunted house, as it combines ominous ethereal synths, menacing creaks and Burial-esque crackles.

Beneath all this, however, is a impeccably executed pop hook, her striking  falsetto serves as the tracks highlight, even though it continues to exploit fear of the unknown via her mystifying repetition of “The damage is done”. ‘Host’ acts as a preview to debut ep Heavy As My Dreams, in which Totemo is sure to welcome you even further into her spectral world.

Tonight, rather your regular visitor of a floating white sheet , expect to instead be haunted by Totemo.

Connor Cass @connorcass

VI Seconds – ‘Finesse’

Braggadocios rap – it’s easy to do, but it’s not necessarily easy to do well. In the case of Brooklyn’s VI Seconds, however, the sharp-witted and sharp-tongued rapper executes the style with glorious ‘Finesse’ over a jazz-inspired beat that packs buoyancy and bravado in equal measure. Throw in his esteemed background of producing mammoth tracks centred around anime and video games and you end up with ingenious curveball punchlines like “bars fuckin’ shocking like Blanka doing porno”. With such twisted wordplay and an assertive demeanour that outright demands your attention, VI Seconds is up & comin’ like a Shoryuken punch, bro.

Joshua Pauley @PutUp0rShutUp


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