Lewis Watson @ Talking Heads

Talking Heads in Southampton was tonight filled with myriad groups of girls and their displeased boyfriends unknowing of what they had been talked into and why, as the venue slowly filled awaiting arrival of Lewis Watson with support from Andreas Moe and Amber Run.

Andreas Moe entranced the room with his flawless acoustic melodies and captivating warbling, followed by Amber Run who offered the small capacity Southampton venue a set almost ready for an arena, filled with clashing guitars, enchanting harmonies and witty banter. After front man Joe Keogh announced that their EP released the same day had reached the top 40 and shared a round of shots with his band mates and performed their last song; the anticipation for Lewis Watson to come on stage was peaking.

Joined on stage by drummer Robert Austen and bassist Adam Double and Rokhsan as a backing vocalist, Watson began the set with ‘Stones Around the Sun’ and it took approximately thirty seconds for the disgruntled boyfriends to move their eyes off Watson and onto anything else in the room – the lights, the floor, the bar, the walls…

Before performing second song in the set ‘Holding On’ Watson pointed out his friends in the audience who had been included in the music video released for the track and shared jokes with them from the stage, and carried on amusing them throughout.

Also in the audience, right by the side exit, was Watson’s proud father (who appeared to be the only male member to be singing along to every word) made himself known with a little wave and point at himself as Watson sang the lines “Oh father, Oh father, I guess I’m wrong.”  Whilst being at this side exit, he was seen carrying out a girl who had passed out during Watson’s performance of ‘Close’ requested by one of his friends in the audience.

‘Sink or Swim’ performed live seemed to have a lot more sound to it than the blander (but still good) version on the record. To change up the sounds, this tour also found Watson regularly changing between using an acoustic and electric guitar, as well as singing mesmerizing duets with Rokhsan on fan favorite ‘Halo’ and cover of Everything Everything’s ‘The Peaks.’

Closing the show with another fan favorite ‘Into The Wild’ Watson had all the females in the audience clapping along despite their by-standing and baffled boyfriends, and it took about thirty seconds again after leaving the stage for the whipped males in the crowd to fixate back to reality and leave as soon as possible dragging along their already suffering from post-Lewis-Watson-gig-blues girlfriends along…

Sarah El-saeidy

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