Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS finally hit stores in the UK (3rd October) today with the Wii U version due for release this winter. The full character line-up showcases both unexpected characters like Duck Hunt and Wii Fit Trainer, and those who fans have wanted to Smash with for a long time, such as Mega Man, Little Mac and Pac Man.

With rumoured DLC for the Wii U version, opinions have been flying on who should appear in Nintendo’s most Smashing game. Here’s what we think here at Audio Addict…


Sadly the chances of seeing the furry-feathered duo in Smash Bros are very low, since they’re owned by Rare. However, Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo 64 is easily one of the console’s best games with a whole host of loveable characters and quirky humour.

Their move set is pretty much sorted from the first game alone (we don’t speak about Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts). Their Neutral could shoot up to three eggs at once, Side Special could be the Beak Barge, Down Special as Beak Buster, Up Special as the Shock Spring Pad… It’s all there. Throw in other moves like the Rat-a-tap Rap as aerials and you’re set.

As for their Final Smash, they could summon the Jinzos to fly back and forth across the screen and knock fighters out the arena, or even just use the Wonder Wing to become invincible whilst damaging opponents. It’s almost TOO perfect… please Nintendo, make this happen.


With so many other original gaming icons joining the fight, it does feel unfair and surprising to see the explosion heavy robot left without the chance to unleash bomb-heavy mayhem on his fellow veterans.

Bomberman’s moveset would predictably be bomb heavy, but the ability to customise characters means a limitless choice of such favourites as the gravity bomb, lightning bomb and ice bomb. His final smash? More bombs of course!

K.K Slider

The Super Smash bros. series has a bizarre but extraordinary tendency of turning relatively non-threatening characters into unforgiving savages, with Animal Crossing’s main Villager character and the Wii Fit Trainer being prime examples from the latest addition.

K.K Slider is no stranger to the Smash Bros. games – you’ll often find him casually strumming his guitar in the background of the franchise’s staple Animal Crossing stage Smashville. But what if he were to take centre stage as a fighter? Sure, his movements would be non-canon considering he’s forever glued to one spot in his games – but with a series of music-related attacks and perhaps a K.K. Rider-themed Final Smash, he’d fit in with the best of them.

To add insult to injury, imagine hearing his meme-tastic signature warble every time he throws an attack at you. K.K could become one of Smash’s most interesting and irritating fighters.


When Mega Man was announced for Smash 4, the internet went absolutely nuts for one of the most requested third party characters’ appearance. Unfortunately, following the release of the demo and the Japanese version of the game, many players have been left disappointed with the build of the blue A lack of kill moves and a confusing play style (a character with a projectile neutral A? Mega Man’s the only one!) make him both inaccessible to the casual gamer and undesirable for those wishing to play competitively.

With the addition of the franchise’s second most popular character Protoman, however, Capcom could easily amend the damages made by the flawed Mega Man. With custom move sets being a thing in Smash 4, players could mould Protoman to their choosing – utilising his laser sword if their forte is the high octane and agile characters of the series, or his Proto Buster & Shield if they wish to play defensively and rack up damage from afar.

Third parties have never had two representatives from one franchise in a Smash game – could Protoman signal the first?


People love patterns, they really fucking do. So when both original Fire type starter Charizard was announced alongside latest generation water starter Greninja, people were seeing a pattern. Surely the trilogy would be completed by generation three grass gecko Sceptile? The timing seems impeccable too, with the generation three remakes on the horizon.

And yet he’s absent, disappointingly so as Sceptile has the potential to be a wonderful all round fighter. With excellent speed that aids quick, powerful blows from his leaf blade and his leaf storm attack being used as projectiles, he’d be a formidable fighter. Like his fellow Pokémon  fighters, Sceptile has a mega evolution, making his final smash incredibly obvious, this should see his detachable tail used to throw opponents off the screen.

Plus, y’know, he’s the closest thing you’re ever gonna get to playing a large lizard in Smash Bros, sorry Ridley fans.

Toon Zelda

We’ve had Toon Link, why not Toon Zelda? Think about it; she’d be a fun little fighter to have. Much like Toon Link’s relation to Link, her moves would be similar to Zelda’s but she’d deal less damage in a trade-off for more speed and less weight.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it) characters can no longer change form mid battle in the new Smash Bros. That means that Zelda and Sheik can’t change back and forth from one to the other etc. This lets players focus on one move set, but it was fun playing in one style and then completely changing it up to keep your opponents on their toes.

If the mechanic was still around, Toon Zelda could become Tetra from The Wind Waker. Now that would be interesting: from elegant princess to bad ass pirate with a bad ass sword doing bad ass flips and generally being a bad ass. Now that would certainly catch people off guard.

And what about the Final Smash? Just to mix it up, forget the Light Arrow, Toon Zelda could possess a Phantom like she can in Spirt Tracks and lay waste to the other fighters in a big suit of armour.

Waddle Doo 

It seems unfair that Nintendo’s flagship series can have an upwards of nine characters (Dr Mario is an exercise in pure favouritism), while series that similarly helped make Nintendo what it is today are left poorly represented.

The Kirby series is in need of new blood. However, with its most recognised characters already in, it’s hard to find a fourth that isn’t either impractical (Wispy Woods), too obscure (Chilly) or completely useless (Waddle Dee). This is why the singular-eyed Waddle Doo is the perfect candidate.

Waddle Doo wouldn’t exactly be the most powerful character but you could have fun sending enemies to their doom with his beam whip, while that parasol would make a handy recovery. His final smash would be another great chance to summon the cast of neglected Kirby characters to his aid.


Although he’s been an Assist Trophy since Brawl and remains one in the new game, it’d be amazing to see Luigi’s dark counterpart fighting against the Mario Brothers alongside Wario.

Waluigi could be a great opposite to Wario, being faster with greater reach. His move set could be similar to his Assist Trophy, using tennis rackets and golf clubs to slug opponents or just stomping on them like a mad man.

And imagine this for a Final Smash… Ever played Mario Striker’s Charged? Waluigi’s special power creates a wall of purple thorns and his Mega Strike utilises a spiky whip. Combine the two and you’ve got a deadly Final Smash that ensnares fighters and crazily whips them for massive damage.

Andrew Yates, Connor Cass & Joshua Pauley

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