Wiley – ‘On A Level’

Back in 2012 when fuck all was happening, The Godfather of grime obviously got a bit tired of the genre he birthed and raised, so he went and blagged himself three top ten singles, including a number one. Pretty sweet, but 2014 is a different year and for some reason, people are starting to ‘get’ grime (thanks for spitting about cars, Meridian Dan) and now everyone wants a piece. Wiley‘s passion for grime never left, but now it presents itself in the form of new track ‘On A Level’.

The instrumental will please purists and plebs alike – it’s prototypical eskibeat with a renovated sound adapting to modern grime’s fluidity, so expect to see the Sunjay Litts and the fresh-faced newcomers skanking side by side in the rave.

It’s really hard not to get excited about where grime seems to be heading, but whatever happens, we definitely owe Richard Cowie a lot.

Nathan Butler @PeakFiDem

Machine Head – ‘Now We Die’

Since 2011’s The Blackening it’s clear that Machine Head no longer release albums, they release opuses. New single ‘Now We Die’ suggests that upcoming record Bloodstone & Diamonds is going to be yet another masterpiece of modern metal.

Epic string intro, typically great Robb Flynn songwriting, huge chorus AND THAT ENDING RIFF!  If you weren’t already excited about Bloodstone & Diamonds after ‘killer’ track ‘Killers & Kings’ was released, ‘Now We Die’ will surely give you that pre album buzz.

Jack King 

Gerard Way – ‘Brother’

‘Brother’ is a track from Gerard Way’s first solo album ‘Hesitant Alien’ which was released on this week. His former band My Chemical Romance was known for their alternative emo style but this song (a tribute to his brother Mikey) shows that he is a more diverse musician than critics originally thought.

The distorted guitar and hard hitting piano riff gives the song an anthem feel; reminiscent of Oasis tracks like ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger.’ Ultimately, ‘Brother’ is a clear indication of Way’s shift from alternative rock to brit pop which is no surprise to My Chem fans as he has always claimed artists like Bowie and Iggy Pop as some of his biggest influences.

Megan McMillan

A$AP Rocky – ‘Multiply’

Thanks to A$AP Ferg, the A$AP brand kept going strong after Rocky dropped his debut album early last year but without the promised A$AP Mob tape, recently A$AP stans have been pining for new material.

The Lord himself has FINALLY ventured back into the game with ‘Multiply’ – a sparse instrumental with archetypal Rocky flow and subject matter touching on hard knock NYC life and, of course, fashion. It’s a return to classic A$AP Rocky form, and as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So to those of you getting tired of the Margiela references, I’ll let Rocky speak for himself – “I’m the motherfuckin’ lord of this fashion shit, don’t I deserve just to brag a bit?

Nathan Butler @PeakFiDem

Devil Sold His Soul – ‘Unveiled’

The new track from Devil Sold His Soul, the first featuring the new vocalist Paul Green, is everything you’d expect from the band. The balance between the heavy metal riffs and the floaty, ambient chord progressions are still present and as gratifying as ever.

The last part of the song stands out particularly. A calming ambient section takes place before collapsing into a riff reminiscent of the opening, except slowed down ever so subtly – packing a real punch to close out the song.

Green matches the band’s musical balance perfectly. The screams are more intimidating and the cleans less whiney than his predecessor, without losing any emotive force.

Rob Sayers


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