On Last Thrill

One Last Thrill are a band you might know little about, yet are doing a lot of hard work.

Consisting of lead guitarist Oscar Rees, his girlfriend Steph Whitehead on lead vocals, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Gareth Haskins, bassist Craig Lilywhite and drummer Josh Lock, the five-piece hard rock band from Tidworth, Wiltshire have slowly grown in musical strength and song writing quality, and have won the attention of many in the Andover and surrounding area. The band has not just remained local, but have also played in the Islington Academy in London and have now featured in their Future Rock section.

Their style is straight up hard rock with an alternative twist; there’s a kind of a mid-90s post-grunge vibe to their sound. Oscar’s guitar solos, which echo Slash and Noel Gallagher’s playing style and Steph’s soaring vocals, are the standout of each track, showcasing the group’s unique sound.

Another interesting thing to know is that the bassist Craig didn’t actually know how to play an instrument upon joining the band (ask him), yet he doesn’t sound half bad live and is slowly becoming a competent player.

They recently released a snippet of their new EP, The Universe and Human Stupidity, with a new lead track ‘About Me’. It is once again being produced by Louis Sellers in his local studio in Anton Road, Andover, who is also the drummer for indie band In Darklight.

Greg Hudson

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