The Marmozets - The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets

If you ever caught one of Marmozets live performances over the last two years, you would have either have been jaw-droppingly stunned by Becca Macintyre’s incredibly tenacious screaming or in tears of terror at the thought of such a shy Yorkshire lass being so aggressively awesome with an on stage persona leaving toilet circuit audiences scooping their jaws up from the floor after each set.

Although this album may be the bands debut, there is nothing novice or beginner about it. Unlike other hardcore bands, the Yorkshire five-piece comprises of two sets of talented siblings, like a heavy version of The Jackson 5 or The Osmonds, those genes have a bucket load of musical talent.

Unlike the fiddly earlier material written by the band, this album is toned down, yet still heavy and littered with perfectly constructed choruses that wont leave you lost in a daze of math core confusion (although don’t worry the wacky timings are kept firmly in place).

‘Why Do You Hate Me’ and ‘Move Shake Hide’ resemble the mathy nature of Rolo Tomassi yet Becca’s impressive vocals and hook filled choruses propel these songs into instant hit territory, the kind of songs you’ll have on repeat for the rest of your life. To add variety ‘Captivate You’ shows the softer side of the grungy looking northerners. From the moment the quiet taps of the symbols and the withdrawn strums of guitar commences the song, you know something more than ordinary is on the cards. This huge ballad has the ability to send shivers in the most compelling of ways, proving that Marmozets are not a one trick pony when it comes to fashioning the perfect song. ‘Is It Horrible’ Channels the up-tempo indie nature of Arctic Monkeys to create a freshly sounding ambiance of piercing perfection and the complexity of ‘Vibetech’ is the closest sound to old Marmozets and the heaviest song on the album, proving that the band has not forgotten their blissfully grandiose roots.

The last track on the album, ‘Back To You’ is an unexpected highlight. The echoing guitars and emotionally hard hitting wailing of the lyrics lead you into a moment of elation as Macintyre release the full and godly potential of her spotless vocals in one hollowing bellow of passion. The album takes you on a journey so extraordinary it’ll make you want to cry, mosh around then collapse in a fit of ecstasy and elation. The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets is a perfect and faultless collection of songs, which will in no doubt challenge other releases in the heavy genres.

Rebecca Rayner


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