Lower Than Atlantis - Lower Than Atlantis

When a band sign to a major label, leave the label after one release and are faced with a crossroads, it may cause them to come crashing back to square one. Is it easier to call it a day? Not for Hertfordshire quartet Lower Than Atlantis. The four lads have dusted themselves off, built a studio and created one of their most ambitious albums to date. This is their self-titled, fourth studio album.

Introducing the album with Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record of the Year,’ ‘Here We Go’ encapsulates all the elements that have established Lower Than Atlantis as one of the leading British rock bands in the scene today. Thick bass lines interweave the crunching guitar chords before exploding into one of the most memorable choruses on the record. An opening of sheer beauty and anthemic sing-alongs set the tone for the remainder of the record.

The quartet tackles a spectrum of lyrical angles, from the apocalyptic ‘Criminal’ to the reminiscent ‘Stays the Same’. Providing the backbone to the lyrics is Mike Duce’s powerful vocals, raspy with a hint of Berkshire twang that emphasises the emotive aspect of their self-titled album with ‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’ seeing an acoustic guitar accompanying Duce’s croons.

After leaving a major label, Lower Than Atlantis could have lingered behind the forerunners in the British rock scene or be ready to inject their characteristic sound back into the industry, and they have certainly done that with their most ambitious record yet.

Niamh Moore


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