Moose Blood - I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time

Thought emo was dead? Well the release of Moose Blood‘s first ever debut full length record I’ll keep You In Mind, From Time To Time reboots us to the nostalgic homegrown sound of emo.

From a band who have only been around for two years, releasing two polished EPs and a split with Departures, the Canterbury foursome have produced a collection of tracks which reflect their own influences whilst adding their own personal touches.  If you’re a current fan of Moose Blood or even a newbie, there is no doubt that you will love the band even more for producing such a comforting collection of sounds.

Introducing us with ‘Cherry’, the band draw us in with their softer side; an unusual start. The light ballad style entwines with vocalist Eddy Brewerton’s, as it lyrically reflects his recent marriage. This quiet style is then followed up by ‘Always’ which is a track released as a teaser weeks before. A song that lifts the mood right up and familiarises you with the Moving Home EP work of Moose Blood.

‘I Hope You’re Missing Me’ and ‘I Hope You’re Miserable’ both have very hard hitting punky vibe riffs which capture the likes of Balance And Composure, funnily enough have inspired them as much as Brand New. The duo stand out as headbangers, bringing a vibrant authenticity to their new vivid sound.

Native to the band, you may have picked up on ‘Boston’ and ‘Bukowski’ being added with a revamped, edger tone that complement the original releases as well as including them to slide perfectly with the album flow. Additionally ‘Gum’ takes Moose Blood’s pristine voice found on their dated EPs by enumerating a natural modern emo aura.

Centre spotlight has been dedicated to the band as a whole, as Kyle, Glen and Mark all bond together to form a beautiful base for Brewerton to glide on smoothly. This is most evident in ‘Pups’ and ‘Swim Down’ with its buildup of a bridge that heightens the current tension to a halt until the vocals sweep in.

Tying the knot, I’ll keep You In Mind, From Time To Time awards its self alone, with more focus on sound yet still adding their sentimental lyrics, Moose Blood have produced a fresh yet nostalgic record that happily sits on the modern day shelves as a dated piece of art.

Isha Shah


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