Apoligies, I Have NoneFour years in the running, Southampton’s own punk rock festival WTFest made its annual appearance this October. Founded by local promoters, WTFest celebrates the modern music scene with bands from all over the world coming together in one small venue, The Joiners, to put on a punktastic show!

The Thursday lineup was sure to make every contemporary punk’s head to whirl with excitement, as Milk Teeth, Bleach Blood and Great Cynics all contain strong female vocalists that are doing it for the girls in rock ’n roll. With such edgy tones and powerful sounds, these support acts from the South of England certainly play great tribute to the UK’s punk scene. There’s nothing more punk than the bassist snapping a string in mid play, or the lead guitarist thrashing his instrument around stage in an angsty fashion.

Engaging in full attention as a local band, Creeper managed to get the crowd pumping for headliners Apologies, I Have None. Pyramids were formed whilst crowd surfers plunged their bodies towards the stage in full mayhem before Moose Blood calmingly swept everyone off their feet with their subtle tranquil aura.

As the main support act, the Canterbury quartet enrolled to centre stage with light bouncy melodies that reflected their emotion onto the crowd, who were screaming the heartfelt lyrics right back at lead vocalist Eddy’s face. Interacting with their hardcore fans, the band left the room speechless for main headliners Apologies, I Have None to give the audience back their voices.

As the lights dimmed and the dramatic wait grew, floods of faces lit up by the gloomy blue lights of The Joiners huddled together in a tight community of congruity. Making their grand entrance, Apologies, I Have None were greeted with roars of approval by the crowd who instantly went wild as the first cord vibrated into the heighten atmosphere. Track after track, the band demolished the venue with their punk rock blast that got everyone throwing themselves at each other in full enjoyment.

Just as the final few songs were aired out, the crowd’s reaction to play not just one more song, but three was way too demanding for the band to resist. Featuring a Radiohead cover, the set ended in immense disposition. Punk is certainly not dead as stated by vocalist Josh McKenzie in his ending words, leaving the stage and crowd in darkness before a round of applause was emitted.

Isha Shah

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