Randy Marsh Lorde

In the newest season which has just aired in America, the singer Lorde’s identity has turned out to be none other than…Randy Marsh himself. Good god, Randy. First medicinal marijuana, now this? Man, what are we going to do with you?

This shocking news has prompted us to recall our favourite musician cameos from the show. Here are some of the most memorable:



Well, this is an obvious one. They helped compose the theme song and starred in the show themselves in the episode “Chef Aid”, lending another song “Mephisto and Kevin” to the album featuring songs from the episode, also titled Chef Aid.

Robert Smith


The Cure’s frontman showed up briefly in the season one episode “Mecha Streisand”, with his superpowers given by the show’s creators, to help defeat the mechanised villain the episode’s title is based on. Even the South Park kids thought pretty highly of Smith, with Kyle exclaiming, “Disintegration is the best album ever!” upon the musician’s departure from the town.



In “Scott Tenorman Must Die”, Cartman writes to the British Alternative Rock band as a part of his master plan to humiliate his nemesis Scott Tenorman, who is a big fan of the band. He tells them Scott has “Cancer in his ass”, persuading them to visit during the exact time he and Scott are having a Chilli cook-off. Even though Scott cooked Cartman’s chilli with the pubes of all the sixth graders in town, fatass had his own ace up his sleeve.

Needless to say, with the help of a gullible farmer who is told there’s “pony killers” about, Cartman’s plan comes to fruition as the band arrive and poke fun at Scott for throwing up and crying, completely unaware that his own parents were chopped up and blended into the chilli he just ate.

Elton John


In Chef Aid, many musical guests appeared as themselves, including the late great Joe Strummer, Rancid and Ween among others. The most prominent role in the episode, however, was Elton John. The boys go to his mansion and sell him candy to raise money for Chef to prevent his imprisonment for wrongful accusation of musical plagiarism, when funnily enough the true story involved Alanis Morissette stealing one of HIS songs. Elton agrees to actually play at the benefit concert and even performs a song Stan wrote for his girlfriend “Wake up Wendy” (let’s face it, Stan would have thrown up on stage if he did it himself).

Phil Collins


He didn’t star as himself, but his portrayal was just too good to leave out. In the episode he is featured in, “Timmy 2000,” he comes to South Park when he disapproves of the way Timmy is being used in his band “Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld”. Phil persuades the bands’ guitarist, Skyler, to break up the band after convincing him Timmy is “stealing his thunder”.

Collins performs a show with his own new band, but the crowd (mostly made up of kids) aren’t too pleased with their material. When they come off Ritalin they were prescribed after pretending to have ADD like Timmy so they could avoid their homework, the kids realise where they are and Collins is promptly booed. His best response is “Shut yer filthy ‘oles, ya little b*st*rds!”

Greg Hudson

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