Cold Commitee

Southampton’s obscure and miniscule venue plays host to the kickoff for alternative rock ‘n’ roll band Cold Committee on their second UK tour. The pristinely dressed Welsh quartet emerged one by one onto the cramped stage, strutting yet tripping over numerous wires covering the floor.

The britpop influenced four-piece refrain from delving into their back catalogue, but display their strongest material from their current EP Masquerade and upcoming singles.

The upbeat element of the performance arrives with their opening track ‘Caught Up’ from Masquerade. They energetically dive into a hefty guitar solo before breaking into a surge of rapid consistent drumbeats, which delivered the perfect atmosphere for the ‘eager to crowd surf’ audience. The ironically named bass player Adam Bass is the obvious nonchalant and casual band member as he remains motionless, only maintaining eye contact with his guitar as he delivers a heavy bass line throughout the song.

Aged between 21-22, it is hard to believe this indie rock band have already accomplished supporting Beady Eye at an Italian festival, a UK tour promoting Liam Gallagher’s clothing brand Beady Eye and supporting Miles Kane. Their new wave britpop influence is apparent throughout the performance with catchy hooks, effortless vocals and a typical melodic style. Drummer Sam Hughes draws the band away from britpop with fiery drum solos, his use of cowbells and closed high-hat notes.

Frontman Jordan Samuels delivers vocals that could resemble those of Miles Kane in track ‘Why Would You?’ The slow tempo and Jordan’s soft wails are accompanied by backing vocals delivered by guitarist James Cairns, which perfectly compliments the atmosphere, calming the crowd.

Samuels throws his body forward, slamming his head down as he violently strums away to ‘Call It’. The intense bridge between the verses and the wild and enthusiastic outro hypes up the hungry crowd. The performance embraces an amber light display, which dazzles Samuels as he tucks his head to his knees before energetically leaping back up. Cold Committee have the ability to transform an unembellished venue into a cavern of hypnotising energy.

The show ends with a roaring explosion of energy from ferocious drummer Sam Hughes, making an Este Haim facial expression. He mimes the lyrics along with Samuels, making unbreakable eye contact whilst slamming his sticks down. He stands as he thrashes down the last blast, creating an explosive ending to a mesmerising show.

Lydia Hughes

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