I was 10 when I first played GTA San Andreas. Call it bad parenting but from that moment I was hooked, and no one was going to tell me that I wasn’t old enough to play it.

With the announcement that GTA V will be coming to next generation consoles this year, I thought I’d take some time to tell you about why I won’t be buying it.

Like I already said, San Andreas had me hooked as a kid. I would literally play that game for near enough 10 hours a day (including snack breaks of course) and it was a great gaming experience with an awesome storyline. GTA V simply does not have an awesome storyline.

Let’s be honest, it sucks. I’m sure a plot that involves three main playable characters SOUNDS like a good idea, but put into practice and it just does not work. Why the hell would I want to put blood, sweat and tears into making my character look totally badass and cool, just to have to switch to a crazy drug pusher named Trevor?!

That’s not the only problem either – we were also promised so very much with GTA Online, but Rockstar (obviously) failed to deliver, crushing all our hopes and dreams simultaneously with the announcement that ‘heists’ would not be included and would have to be downloaded separately with a content package. Are you kidding me? The best part of the game and they didn’t add it to the online mode.

To be fair to Rockstar, visually, the game was impeccable. The cars looked good and the landscape was just beautiful. But as an avid gamer, do I really care about how pretty the scenery looks? Not even in the slightest, but at least Franklin’s garden looks quite coniferous…

I’m just disappointed that, ironically, GTA was my childhood and I’ve grown up with great games such as GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, whereas this game will leave behind no lasting memories for me like the others did. For such a beautifully laid out game; the lack of a flowing plot, the disaster that was GTA Online and the fact that I still don’t know what happened to my pink Banshee after I put it into my garage all contribute to my sheer disappointment, and I can’t help but feel Rockstar have let me down.

For these reasons, I will not be throwing any more of my money at them. They will not get another penny out of me until they realise the error of their ways. It’s time to stop lying to ourselves and admit that GTA V is not a good game and doesn’t deserve a port to next-gen consoles.

Joseph Skingsley


  1. couldnt agree more, story was useless, online is just there for retards to spend money on all the updates and new cars. and a next gen port is useless if youve already played this dull ass game.

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