Gorgon City - Sirens

In recent years, dance music has become pretty boring. It’s no surprise with most mainstream pop artists crossing over to the genre that dance has begun to lack originality. However, Gorgon City’s debut album Sirens features a line of impressive dance tracks that consistently in corporate the North London duo’s unique house style. Their sound includes a flawless blend of heavy bass and soft ambient sounds that make the album listening experience a thrilling but relaxing one.

An exciting part of the album is the slew of star studded collaborations including musical gems such as Katy B and Jennifer Hudson. The groovy vocals and catchy rhythms provided here make it almost impossible for you not to dance. Therefore the songs here are best heard in nightclubs, particularly the number four single ‘Ready for Your Love’ which since its release of January this year has become a massive floor lifter in clubs nationwide

Some of the best songs are ‘Unmissable’ feat Zak Abel which has an epic piano riff accompanied with deep bass and husky vocals. Hudson’s track ‘Go All Night’ is an awesome asset to the track list. It has a real urban vibe to it with her classic soul voice and r&b beat. ‘Here for You’ feat Laura Welsh is also an awesome tune. The best thing about this song is the rapid ambient noises apparent in the background. Lastly, ‘Real’ feat Yasmin is one of the smoothest tracks on the record. It’s not terrible by any means but the easy listening feel you get from this song might explain why when it came out last year, it only reached number 44 on the charts as not a lot goes on in it.

The reason why Sirens has such an original sound as opposed to other dance music that has been recently released is possibly because they used a real synthesiser throughout the recording of this album. This is probably what makes Gorgon City’s music different because a lot of electronic music producers just stick to using digital technology when making music. Ultimately, Sirens is a great album. It’s arguably the best dance record to come out in a while. Gorgon City’s traditional approach to making dance music makes the duo a grand addition to the London house scene.

Megan McMillan


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