Kele - Trick

Straying remarkably away from the music of the band he fronts, Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke’s solo projects have always differed from what you would expect. Releasing his first album The Boxer in 2010, Okereke showcased another musical direction he wished to pursue, putting out an album occupied with the sounds of electronic instrumentation. Trick expands further into the electronic field, constructing an album crammed with the sounds of particularly deep house, marking the departure of Bloc Party’s indie-rock influence.

Okereke’s development upon the electronic sound he used in The Boxer is first displayed in the appropriately titled ‘First Impressions’, demonstrating how much further he’s delved into the genre of dance music. Full of deep pulsating synthesiser rhythms next to the singer’s voice which is later paired with a female vocalist, the song emits a relaxing and soothing mood.

The method used in ‘First Impressions’ is later repeated on a selection of songs included on the album. Tracks such as ‘Like We Used To’, ‘Stay The Night’ and ‘Year Zero’ each contain similar synthesiser sounds, creating pieces that vibrate with swirling deep bass trembles.

Okereke’s second album doesn’t only explore the bass-driven or calming side of dance music though – the upbeat pace of house music comes out to be shown in ‘Humour Me’, ‘Doubt’ and ‘Closer’, all depicting drum ‘n’ bass/garage style drumbeats and inspiration from dubstep. Regardless of ‘Closer’ integrating these elements into its structure, it feels very feeble compared to the rest of Trick, especially after the vigorous personas the majority of the other songs present.

Judged wholly as an album, Trick symbolises Okereke undertaking a valuable attempt at creating an EDM album. Whilst there’s still progress to be executed and conducted upon the new defined music route the singer has decided to trail, Trick shows Okereke has the ability to create a superb electronic album, perhaps representing the point at which the musician’s electronic evolution has been placed into quickening speed.

Aaron Jolliff


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