Blitz Kids

Embarking on their new tour, charismatic pop rockers Blitz Kids took over Southampton’s Talking Heads to deliver a high octane punchy performance fit for a venue ten times the size.

Breaking the chants and cheers of the anticipating crowd with the rumbling rhythm of ‘Sometimes’, the fiery four piece got set to unleash one hell of a pop rock party. Oozing with confidence and passion, there was little doubting that frontman Joey James was intent on making this a night to remember. Delving straight into the crowd pumping ‘warrior’ providing ample sing along opportunities to the powerful lyrics, making the transition to the thought provoking and motivational ‘Keep Swinging’, all the more seamless.

Whilst the main focus was on the new album The Good Youth, Blitz Kids also treated their die hard fans to a taste of the good old stuff, drawing from their melodic back catalogue of favourites including ‘Never Die’ and ‘Story’, both of which received a massive response from the crowd.

Joey wowed with his vocal capabilities proving that his talents far surpassed that of the average frontman and were neatly intertwined with the edgy pumped up melodies provided by the rest of the band. Blitz Kids definitely did not fail to get the atmosphere pumping, the front of the stage was awash with the hands of admiring fans and in the middle of the room, mosh pits ensued.

A cover of My Chemical Romance’s hit ‘I’m Not Okay’ delivered a welcome surprise to the crowd and provided a warm up for The Good Youth favourites ‘All I Want Is Everything’ and ‘Perfect’ which seemed to electrify the room. An encore was happily branded as time wasting and unnecessary by Joey, so the four – feeding off the energy in the room – decided to keep on playing to the delight of the fans and were able to keep the party vibes going until the very last note.

It is true to say that Blitz Kids embrace the crowd, it is clear that they value their fans and come alive from the energy in the room. With a performance like that they couldn’t fail to please.

Rachel MacLean

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