Climates - Body Clocks

Hitting the nail on the donkey for the first time is always a challenge, for most bands their first album is something they’d like to hide at the bottom of their record collection. But not for Lincoln’s finest metalcore band; Climates. They have only be around for a couple of years, but they’re already known for their progressive metal sound. The five youngers have accomplished touring with highly creditable bands such as, Beartooth, Trapped Under Ice,  Counterparts, While She Sleeps and Bury Tomorrow.

Making a sneaky appearance is ‘Leaves Of Legacy’, as it gently creeps in before Wes Thompson’s vocals wreck the room. Generically altering cleans to screams, Climates have intricately devised this within the track, making it subtle and transferable so that it goes unnoticed.

Following, ‘Heaven (Is Only In My Head)’ reaches ears in a similar way, yet with more passion and tone that makes the song stand out as attacking. The tiny detail which goes into each song is certainly heard as its melodic side stands out to be the focus. The tempo change into a more hardcore structure, altering its tune by adding layers of complexity which skilled musicians die to master.

However not all is all dynamic, as relaxing breaks in the album are found with ‘In The Of Man’, ‘Worlds Away’ and ‘Sundown’, which take on the delicate pitches of an atmospheric scent. Understanding why Climates have chosen to add such diversity to the album is easy, as these songs do work; despite the simplicity, they have not taken a step back with the instrumental cadency.

‘Whole Hearted’ screams damage and suffering planted in Thompson’s screams, that are lyrically comforting as the song is filled with such rage of devotion, you’ll find yourself compelled. As the album progresses to a finish, the tracks get moderately hardy in framework, as elements are exploded of what the band are truly capable of.

Drawing a close to the sentimental journey, ‘Realist’ touches on heavy lyrically allusions which draw your soul, capturing your deepest senses, leaving you numb and motionless. The album as a whole certainly does its job from start to finish, hurling twist and turns along the way, Climates have travelled a long way and are still going!

Isha Shah


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