Minister - The Basement EP

Unsigned, small bands are growing amongst the UK as more and more are forming, releasing small EP tracks which seem to be of higher standards than major albums. These days the UK music scene seems to be thriving, as bands from every city are producing such graded sounding EP’s, proving that the UK still has it.

Originally starting out in 2012, under the name of Ivy League Murder Scene, the quartet remastered their mark to Minister, a post-hardcore band from London, who have already released a five track EP: The Basement EP.

Establishing a strong melodic intro to ‘Basements’ is shortly joined by punching screams that are escaped in small utterances. Their sound is confoundedly solid, found in ‘Polar’ (featuring Djamila Yasmin) where two vocals are tracked together with a millisecond of delay, adding to the post-hardcore aura.

‘Churches’ stands alone to be a favourite off the EP, as the solo focus is put on broken screams which is then joined by the melodic tune, accompanying it peacefully. Even though the whole song structure is basic and does not dip or wonder, its simplicity of keeping in line works extraordinary well as a break in the EP.

No song is remotely the same, as ‘Hope’ follows similar patterns to the previous track, however with more focus on instruments, it overlaps the echoed screams, thickening out the mellow feel. Building on repetitive lyrics that are blasted throughout the song, “Because I move my head, from left to right, doesn’t mean goodbye” ends the album on a penetrating note that is stuck in your brain for the next day or so.

Minister are one to look out for in the growing post-hardcore scene, with such talent explored in five tracks, what’s to come next?

Isha Shah



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