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The Wytches undoubtedly performed one of the hairiest, most denim gig since Motorhead at Download festival.

A wave of sweaty, scraggy hair took over what was a considerably calm crowd as soon as bassist Daniel Rumsey shattered the impatient atmosphere with his first chord. The mixture of indie teens and middle aged head-bangers quickly separated, leaving the front of the room with space for the topless youths to mosh until their hearts were content, the occasional apologizing girl made her way through the over 18s to the back with exhaustion.

The band seemed to cast a spell over the crowd as lead singer Kristian Bell opened with ‘Digsaw’ and the whole band seemed to play effortlessly and devotedly, which is no surprise. Even as the band faced technical difficulties, they came together and never showed what panic they may have felt, quickly getting back started to their unbelievably impressive set. Their most popular song ‘Wide At Midnight’ was played in an attempt to calm the fans, alongside a few unexpected jams, which allowed Rumsey to blow away the rest of the band with his psychedelic riffs and even drummer Gianni Honey joined in with a few solos.

Like a grungier Elastica/Nirvana mixed with The Doors, The Wytches gave an insight of what a small stage at a rockier Woodstock may have been. The performance of ‘Wire-Frame Mattress’ showed just how talented this three-piece band are – it was masterly played down to the last note, bringing out the groovy dancing even in the bar staff.

After having a conversation with drummer Honey before the gig about weirdly over-sized food in America, the impression was made that the band were a group of down-to-earth lads who live for making music. This gig proved it; the dripping fans left The Joiners with a buzz, expressing their excitement with cheers. One of the most original bands around at the moment, The Wytches promise good things for the future. This band seem to be getting more famous by the day and evidently so as fans clung onto Rumsey’s arm during a short break, collecting his sweat like a souvenir.

Ruby Munslow

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