More Than Life @Borderline London

Constantly on the road touring, More Than Life have left the UK starved for two years without a headline show. It was the Sunday night of October 19th when the quartet returned to London’s Borderline for a one-off show.

Taking an early start to the night was Southampton locals, Creeper, whose sound was unfamiliar to the crowd, but the band didn’t let this interrupt their punk rock vibe. As the lights dimmed and the ‘Jeepers Creepers’ song took to an intro, the band appeared on centre stage blasting out their energetic presence. For an opening act, Creeper got a few heads bobbing capturing new fans instantly with their passionate connection they exposed.

Following Creeper was another eminent act of the night, Nathan Detroit, a punk band from Trowbridge. Halfway into the show, the bands guitarist decided to part ways leaving the four remaining members at a minus. Despite this, the band picked themselves up, gaining more attention from the crowd with their fast-moving beats and bouncy actions. Even those who weren’t familiar with their sound found themselves moving along.

Before flying off to Australia the next day, More Than Life had gladly assembled Up River to give the crowd one last warm up before their influx. Similarly appealing to the current audience, the foursome instantly engaged all senses from the faces of everyone in the room. Their hardcore, bluesy set soon spread, filling the room with emotive screams. More known to the crowd, Up River solicited a deeper movement of bodies connecting and lips moving.

The floor was now filled with floods of bodies all hurled together, bounded by one band who were soon to play on stage. Deep red lights filled the stage where the current members stood, setting up for a special night of empathy.

Diving right into the band’s new record, What’s Left of Me, came ‘Weight of The World’ –  a chillingly gripping song that erupted passionate howls from every lyric that was amplified by the crowd. Intertwining with ‘Fear’, the older fans responded with chaotic bodies flying all over the floor, diving in mid-air and screaming inches from lead singer James’ face. Working their way to ‘I’ve Lost Track of Everything’ taken from Love Let Me Go, the collateral faces clustered together once againin a community of cries.

Altering between their history with a few new tracks added, each song interacted with the audience as the non-stop flow of divers and moshers kept the floor covered with a close line of unity.

Where there were short breaks in the set a sweet, tranquil interlude was played to harmonise the crowd with their mournful blast.

Closing up the the night, vocalist James reached out, dedicating the last song to his mother who had just passed away. If the night wasn’t emotional enough it was about to get even more downbeat. Pushing all feeling aside a final basement of frames were clattered in a large group, grabbing onto each other or prancing around on stage. The set ended in a ferocious outcry, as they didn’t need an encore. More Than Life are a band that just leaves you there in darkness, pulling yourself back together after such an emotional journey, and you feel yourself wanting to relive it all again.

Two years was definitely worth the wait to experience such a hectic night that seemed to last forever. More Than Life have left London in scraps, still raging to come back for more.

Isha Shah

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