Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari – The Last Garrison

It’s been what seems like forever since Enter Shikari have released new music. ‘The Last Garrison’ is as politically motivated and bass infused as A Flash Flood of Colour. It goes without saying that this track is infinitely more pop than the band’s early releases, so if you like your Shikari circa 2007 this isn’t going to float your boat – sorry. That said, ‘The Last Garrison’ is guaranteed to thoroughly satisfy your post-shuffle-Shikari needs with Rou Reynolds’ distinctive bellow, killer verses, and a surprisingly chilled chorus. Enter Shikari are back, and they’re back big.

Callum Cornwell @CallumJack93

Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

Eighteen months after the success of the critically acclaimed Sepiternal, Bring Me The Horizon are back with something quite different. New single ‘Drown’ comes as a pleasant surprise, it doesn’t take long to realise that Bring Me The Horizons’ sound has changed quite drastically compared to viciously heavy tracks like 2012’s ‘Chelsea Smile’. The track starts off intriguingly slow then bursts into an Inflectionally catchy hook coupled with beautifully heartfelt lyrics. Choir like backing with highly melodic instrumentals accompanies this. The performance from frontman Oli Sykes is admirable; he displays softer vocals than usual screaming with raw emotion. Creating what might be the best track Bring The Horizon have written yet.

Shannon McCabe 

Tinchy Stryder & The Chuckle Brothers – To Me, To You (Bruv)

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to see the sheer musical potential in the Chuckle Brothers. When Tinchy Stryder first revealed that he was in the studio with Paul and Barry was there any doubt that the beloved duo’s captivating chemistry onscreen would translate into a telepathic musical connection also? Well if there was then ‘To Me, To You (Bruv)’ is here to dispel those foolish notions.

Stryder tries valiently but that moustachioed twosome of trouble and haphazard hijinks own the song. They’re all over it, penning 2014’s most memorable hook and also wiping the floor with Tinchy after he sillily offers them a couple bars of their own. As ground-breaking as ‘To Me, To You (Bruv)’ is though, it really needs to be experienced with its wild video for full mind-blowing effect. God bless those Chuckle Brothers.

James Barlow @BassOddity

Madeon – Imperium

The French electro producer returns with the edgiest material of his career with ‘Imperium’ from his 2015 debut album. 20-year-old Hugo Pierre Leclercq, known by his stage name Madeon abandons his dance floor filler approach, for a more industrial and narrative aspect of electronic music. The track bluntly opens with repetitive cries, followed by a progressive electronic space rock melody, which increasingly builds in the background. ‘Imperium’ dives into an energetic splurge of sharp beats and is laced with dark synth stabs. Unlike former mash up hit ‘Pop Culture’, ‘Imperium’ has a subtle and obscure atmosphere, ultimately exhilarating fans for a brash French house album.

Lydia Hughes @Lydia_Melisa95

Stick Your Guns – Nobody

First thing’s first, and the first thing is an epic bass line. ‘Nobody’ from Stick To Your Guns is in your face from the beginning. Quick vocals, a screeching guitar and a bass you can actually hear bring the track together into an upbeat chorus that encourages the listener to join in. The breakdown doesn’t disappoint with heavy drop and drawn out screams from front man Jesse Barnett.

The track brings an intensity felt throughout the whole body. It feels like call to arms with strong group vocals and powerful emotion. The feeling continues from beginning to end and leaves the listener with a sense of transferred energy.

Kaitlyn Ulrich @K_ulrich23

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