Chuckle BrudersBelieve it or not, I (as did many others) used to very much enjoy watching Chucklevision during the dawn of my early school years. They entertained my 7 year old mind like no other television show could. To put it simply, they were my idols. Tinchy Stryder? Not so much…

It’s hard to differentiate what sounds good and what sounds, well, undeniably shit when it comes to ‘charity singles’ in the world of pop music, but it’s very easy in the world of grime, too easy in fact. Now I’m not trying to put a dampener on what seems to be a very fun and humorous collaboration, but at a time where grime is FINALLY starting to get put in the mainstream spotlight, was it really necessary? I mean, that’s not to say ‘German Whip’ was a very good track either, but at least that had credibility! This seems like a desperate attempt for an artist to stay relevant as a celebrity.

All of that aside, the track does make me laugh. The lines said by Barry and Paul Chuckle make me reminisce about the good old days, when I was just a wee whippersnapper, eating my yoghurt in front of the TV after a long hard day drawing pictures and chasing girls around (because everyone knows how ‘yucky’ girls can be when you’re a pre pubescent male, although in reality, we were the ‘yucky’ ones let’s face it). There is something quite magical about “Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.” Being repeated over the top of a hard, urban beat that you’d expect someone like Big H to spray some insanely mediocre bars on. To put it simply, this would be the greatest thing I’ve ever heard if I was either on acid, or still in my first year of primary school.

Back to the main concern though, why is it that as soon as a genre becomes mildly popular with the masses, someone has to come along and completely discredit it? It happened with dubstep (we all know how the evolution of ‘brostep’ completely killed that genre off in the mainstream) it happened with the new age of hip hop (*cough* Chief Keef *cough*) and now it appears grime is set to suffer a similar, unjust fate. Why can’t we as a society just accept that some genres just don’t need to be turned into a laughing stock? Imagine if we took someone like Pink Floyd when prog rock was in the ascendency, and stuck Donny Osmond on a track for a bit of ‘light hearted fun’? It just wouldn’t have happened! So what makes it acceptable in this day and age? I’ll never understand, nor do I ever wish to understand, really. I guess we’ll just have to live with it. Heck, by the time you’ve finished reading this, Jay Z and Justin Bieber will have already released a track together! Or has that happened yet? I’m not quite sure…

Joe Skingsley

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