Hey, Joni

What pulls Kentish twinkle rockers Hey, Joni away from the recent influx in mundane emo is how well their songs are written. Instead of dreadful recordings and a frontman who was the best singer in the band, but still can’t really sing, Hey, Joni manage to make catchy tunes that are incredibly soulful and well written while keeping gritty and raw. The four-piece have just released a new 5-track EP entitled ‘En Fuego’ (A little nudge towards Malcolm in the Middle), this entry to their healthy discography radiates a pop vibe especially in the way the songs are put together, helping the noodle ridden guitars soar through an underlay that gives off a wonderful, clean cut, groovy punk feel.

Hey, Joni, well known in the UK emo scene, have all the credentials to break out of a rut that a lot of these types of bands are in and appeal to a wider audience. Their mix of indie, punk and emo influenced by bands like math driven Algernon Cadwallader who called the band “Awesome, Definitely Awesome” and the scrappy jams of Merchant Ships, is something that could appeal to NME fans, DIY fans and everything in between. It’s not the most marketable music in the world, but when it’s as well written and meaningful as this, it’s hard to think that there won’t be something more over the horizon.

Steven Fox

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