Drake – Heat Of The Moment

‘Heat of the Moment’ is one of the three tracks Drake released online this week due to them already being hacked. The song consists of Drake crooning over a contemporary R&B ballad type beat about forever living and being lost in the heat of the moment as well as not wanting to settle down and his misunderstandings on the idea of unconditional love. Interestingly, Drake’s father Dennis Graham featured on the outro of the track seemingly giving life advice on being a past musician and knowing everything about living in the heat of the moment.

The cherry on the cake is the final lyric being, “be a 100% woman, or try and be a 100% man, and use a fucking condom”

Sarah El-saeidy @saraahwrites

Calvin Harris – Pray to God (ft. Haim)

Springing up as perhaps one of the strangest musical combinations, ‘Pray to God’ combines both the strengths and personas of UK dance producer Calvin Harris and LA indie-pop ensemble Haim, surprisingly forming an elated and robust indietronica influenced track.

Featuring an arrangement of guitar riffs and house synthesiser stabs set over a four-on-the-floor drumbeat, initial thoughts may lead to thinking chaos would occur. ‘Pray to God’ with ease defies this expectation though, skilfully placing each component in a way that disaster is simply avoided and both genres come to fuse in complete synchronisation.

Aaron Jolliff @AaronJolliff

Bastille – The Driver

The new track for Zane Lowe’s re-score of 2011 Drive, ‘The Driver’ sees Bastille de-emphasize their delicate texturing of percussion and synths, and instead push a bolder, rock-heavy sound.

Darkly undulating sawtooth synths and intertwining distorted guitars provide the vista for Bastille’s signature vocal harmonies, and transition effortlessly into throbbing rock riffs.

The usually inescapable melancholy of their music is replaced with a daringly masculine feel and the thrill of violence, plucked straight from the film for which it was written. ‘The Driver’ clearly (and wisely) takes its cues from the film’s original score, specifically, Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx’s ‘Nightcall’.

Minnie Wright @VerifiedMinnie

Cancer Bats – Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake

CANCER BATS ARE BACK! Those lovely canadians who play hardcore, metal, sludge and everything in between have released the first track from their upcoming album Searching For Zero, expected March next year. This short yet ever so sweet banger titled ‘Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake’ has the Bat’s patented headbanging riffs along with their unique heaviness. Singer Liam Cormier’s capturing lyrics are also back but clearly with a darker tone this time, “Too many friends died this year”, hinting we could see a more evil CB record soon. It’s so good to hear Cancer Bats again.

Jack King @JacKingy

Jay Rock – Pay For It (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

After tearing up tracks such as ‘I Do This’, ‘My People’ and good kid, m.A.A.d city’s ‘Money Trees’, the Californian rappers are back with another track entitled, ‘Pay For It’.

Featuring Canadian singer/songwriter, Chantal Kreviazuk on the hook, the track is full of energy and screams motivation – “The Devil he busy, tryna get me everyday in every way. I won’t let up, I won’t shut up. You Can’t stop me, you won’t knock me, ten-four, now copy”, Jay Rock bursts. Proving to everyone that the T.D.E crew are not to be messed with, Kendrick pushes the message further – “This ain’t no warning shot, this a relevant henchman. See my opponent then, cease your existence. Endin’ our friendship, buried, baby I’d rather die alone.”

Is this another glimpse of what’s in store for Kendrick Lamar’s new album? Or is an album from Jay Rock on its way? Either way, we approve!

Harvey Lindsey @HarveyLindsay

EKKAH – Last Chance To Dance

Currently supporting Jess Glynne on her first headline tour, Birmingham pop/funk group EKKAH recently uploaded ‘Last Chance To Dance’. Fronted by two singers called Rebecca and Rebekah (work the name out, quickly) EKKAH stemmed from indie band The Arcadian Kicks, formally co-managed by the late Charlatans drummer, Jon Brookes.

The silky, smooth, synth laden instrumentation transports you to a smoke-hazed, intimate venue, with the sensual vocals serenading the last few drunk yet very attractive people in the club. An irresistible baseline reminiscent of Chic crossed with the indie charm of HAIM with hauntingly heavenly vocals, which will be heard many more times.

Will Ackrill @WillAckrill

While She Sleeps – New World Torture

After a debut full-length that shot the Sheffield metalcore 5-piece into popularity, the band return with the first single off their highly anticipated second album.

The song really tries to put all elements of WSS into one song: the gang vocals, the melodic sections and the bordering-on-nu-metal-bounce-riffs, which they now favour instead of the chuggy breakdowns we expect from metalcore. The 1 and a half minute long build-up is fairly forgettable. However, the song really kicks into gear after a classic murmuring nu-metal bridge that sounds like it’s straight out a Korn song.

The heavy parts have a real industrial punch and the noodley guitars are as interesting as ever but you can’t imagine the sing-a-long choruses going off that well live. A solid release from Sleeps, but they can definitely do better.

Rob Sayers @itsrobbb

RL Grime – Scylla

RL Grime is continuing to make a lot of noise within the musical community, and with this heavy trap stomper, it’s quite obvious why…

Starting out very much sounding like another ‘EDM’ club hit, the bass drops are very heavy and are surely enough to get any Trap or EDM fan going!

This will be a huge track and it’s good to see RL Grime is experimenting away from his old school trap style and moving more into the ‘dancier’ scene! ‘Scylla’ is a certified banger and will be played for months on end.

Joe Skingsley @RetroJoseph

Darlia – Stars Are Aligned

It has not taken Blackpool based trio Darlia long to find out what they are good at, which is blending indie and grunge to create a ferocious and monstrous sound. Their new single ‘Stars are Aligned’ is a song that builds and then drops with quiet verses and explosive choruses similar to that of Pixies and Nirvana but mixed with glimpses of anthemic quality which put them in the same vein as Oasis. With such comparisons, it’s no surprise that 2015 is going to be a big year for Darlia.

Tom Staniszewski @What_Tom_Said_

Issues – Hooligans (Reimagined)

Atlanta metalcore group Issues have recently announced the planned release of an acoustic EP named Diamond dreams. Following this announcement, Issues have released a reimagined version of single ‘Hooligans (Reimagined)’. The track reveals a much softer side to the band with a sweet and peaceful sound. The decreased speed is more effective in emphasising the meaning of the song. Soft drums and trickling piano, featured in the song suits Tyler Carter’s voice perfectly. There is a real personal feel, coupled with elements of soft rock seen with a serene guitar riff. The track is subtlety instrumentally experimental with the exploration of percussion, but still has a relatively bass heavy beat in the background.

Shannon Mccabe

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