There is nothing worse than turning on a band’s second record and it being a let down. In this day and age it happens a lot with artists who succeed with their first album. However, Mallory Knox have clearly developed into better musicians, which has led to better music.

Fans would have already heard Asymmetry‘s two singles, these being ‘Ghost in the Mirror’ and ‘Shout at the Moon.’ Anthem style rock is slowly becoming a speciality of Mallory Knox’s. ‘Ghost in the Mirror’ is a particularly dramatic track, with a flawless mix of melodic guitar lines and heavy rhythm guitar along with punchy drums and powerful vocals that all come together in a big storm. ‘Shout at the Moon’ however, has a softer tone. The band use loud, echoing guitar, which has slowly become the signature sound of the pop punk/alt rock genres.

After listening to the rest of the album, you can see that the band have seriously worked on and matured their sound. Their previous album Signals, had a more pop-punk edge to it but that genre is not taken seriously by the press. Asymmetry on the other hand sees Mallory Knox go over to the heavier side of alternative rock. Songs that show this progression include ‘When we are waking up,’ ‘Heart & Desires’ and ‘Dare You’ are just a few special tracks on this album.

Every track on the album has catchy guitar hooks that draw in the listener, beckoning them to come back for more. What make the riffs to die for are the romantic melodies, as they are just so hauntingly addictive. For example, the introduction riffs to ‘Lonely Hours’ and ‘Fire’ get a very strong emotive response from you as the epic distorted sound makes you feel excited and sends shivers down your spine. Asymmetry is absolute quality.

Megan McMillan


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