jamie t

Alternative rock, hip hop, reggae, rap and acoustic – all individual genres that are very different from one another. Can these genres ever be strung into one sentence, let alone define an artist? One name – Jamie T.

The solo artist that has only had a slight mainstream exposure with a five year shy away has stamped back into the scene, beside his outstanding new album Carry on the Grudge that had Southampton’s crowd booming.  ‘Limits Lie’ and ‘Don’t You Find’ are Jamie T’s opening gambits; as he serenades the audience with his stylish acoustic tracks, it feels like the calm before the storm.

It’s not until the opening guitar twangs of ‘Peter’ that the crowd push together to build a mosh pit. The song gets progressively assertive as he over-exaggerates specific words and bellows his chorus. It’s further emphasised when the lights come up to create an electrifying surrounding. Following ‘Peter’, ‘Turn On the Light’ puts Jaime back into his acoustic self. Every crowd member raises their arms to the air and sings back preparing a Jamie T coalition. He has the ability to make a crowd behave how he wishes, sending an acoustic song into a guitar heavy single, resulting in a swift swing between a mellow crowd and a robust one.

‘Spider’s Web’ sees Jamie wanting to push his assortment of genres further. The end of the song has Jamie putting his guitar down and standing forward rapping to the crowd, waving his hands sidewards – a characteristic we’d see in an artist like Eminem.

The South London geezer ended in appropriate fashion for a Halloween gig with ‘Zombie’ – the catchy new single had everyone prancing around whilst trying to hold onto their final beer. ‘Sticks and Stones’ however is a whole different story; the opening line “When there’s no one left to fight” made the crowd screech and throw their drinks in the air. The Guildhall was vibrant with every individual spitting back all the lyrics, copying Jamie’s attitude. The night is evidence that Jamie T certainly has the authority to call anyone a “lightweight prick”.

Eleisha Wightman

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