Portsmouth – the city of exquisite beards, Ebola costumes, and a bizarre rebellion against wearing bras. It also happens to be the city crammed with stunningly talented underground electro DJs. Attacca, a record label of only 8 months, are in their baby steps to success but have enough buzz surrounding them to be worth the next hype.

Attacca are a raw art form with a current 7 DJ’s under their belt; Adicon, Rob Stamp, Cramr, Kris Davis, Conka, YeYe, Sheik and not to forget the alluring duo of Adi-Conk (the back to back sets with Adicon and Conka).

Being the most renowned of them all, AdiConk are a bit like McDonald’s fries dipped in McFlurry (and if you haven’t tried this weird combination you should); they are different but work so well together. Sharing events with the likes of Skream, DJ Fresh, Hannah Wants and Murlo, it is unbelievable that they aren’t as widespread as they are. Their set entails a journey of back-to-back brilliances, tight remixes and dirty (which is a good thing) drops. Having packed the downstairs room in The Astoria come 11:30pm with drunken locals and the occasional smack head, the atmosphere was indescribable, welcoming all shufflers to show off their latest Air Max’s.

Being the headline act for Attacca and supporting Murlo, the two played their set with such passion, fun and enthusiasm. Elliott Cronin (Adicon) and Connor Anderson (Conka) showed sheer professionalism throughout their set, with their influences of The Prodigy, Boddika, in recent years, with Cronin’s current favorite Happa. Anderson however, has takes his influences from Skream, Bonobo and The Streets which is apparent in their sets.

Attacca deserve to be the next best thing; their captivating, upbeat, solid remixes with the slight risk of being too repetitive makes them a record label to shout about. Their set was full of energy, power and the occasion screw and bass faces.

Charlotte Croft


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