254 - The Other I

Coalescing a fiery sound of indie-rock along with atmospheric synthesiser sweeps, London sister pair 2:54 construct a truly haunting and distinguished sound. After acquiring a respectable following through the release of demos and their self-titled debut album, the duo come to release their second album The Other I. Named after the siblings’ favourite poet Percy Shelly, the twosome’s second album also noticeably sees the group’s first release since the sisters’ signing to independent label Bella Union.

The Other I’s sound immediately evokes specific thoughts of two other sister-formed bands: Heathers and Haim. Drawing certain comparable elements and techniques from both sets of musicians, taking Haim’s indie-pop style, and Heathers’ slow and atmospheric method, means 2:54’s second album unites two differing arrangements in a pleasurable and melodic manner.

This combination of sounds isn’t the only particularly noticeable aspect of 2:54’s composition though. From the onset, through starter tracks ‘Orion’, ‘Blindfold’ and ‘In The Mirror’, their chilling and evocative tone is quickly brought to light, marking their music as simply lingering.

Lighter characteristics of the pair’s approach on The Other I are displayed throughout, providing short passages away from the potent and profound sound. Songs ‘Tender Shoots’ and ‘The Monaco’ present these calming and somewhat tranquil breaks, allowing a moment aside, before 2:54’s intensity returns in the formations that follow.

Intertwining and weaving its way through a collection of distinctly memorable and eventful flashes, The Other I represents the vigour and enormity which 2:54’s music is capable of igniting and producing. Through the use of both alt-rock fundamentals and atmospheric synthesisers, 2:54 forms a fusion which isn’t only appealing and gratifying, but is also engaging, completely trapping the listener, and pulling them right through the album’s expedition.

Aaron Jolliff


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