Balance and Composure

After being on the road for two months, the last date of tour had finally arrived at Southampton’s The Joiners. The Doylestown, PA band Balance and Composure, had drawn a perfect lineup, travelling with the likes of Seahaven and Milk Teeth.

Local to the area, Milk Teeth were starting support for this tour as their emo-grunge sound could still appeal to a modern audience. The quartet certainly got the crowd pumping for a grand finale.

Seahaven took to the stage next, lead by vocalist Kyle Soto stumbling on after a few too many drinks. As soon as the first guitar riff of ‘Black & White’ came into play, the crowd reacted with vigorous movements in time with the melody. However as soon as Soto’s voice appeared, a slight difference in sound surrounded the room although the band made up for Soto’ slurred words with their tranquil, flowing rhythms. Soon finishing up with ‘Wild West Selfishness’, Soto’s voice deepened into a terrifying shriek before falling over and making a complete fool out of himself.

More than three quarters of the audience were there for Balance and Composure alone, so when the time had come, the packed out venue seemed almost full to the brim with brightly lit faces. Dark blue rays of light hit the stage as the band made their grand appearance.

Plunging straight in with ‘Parachutes’, hurls of bodies flew around the floor with high arms pointed towards the stage, as voices echoed the room. A complete change in atmosphere was apparent as hardcore fans swamped the front space trying to get their voice heard. An overall chill-out vibe enclosed the space, as swaying movements became a constant within everyone. There was a torpid tingle that you got when watching the band perform live which amplified every single sense making it seem surreal. With each track blending with another yet with a clear separation between each, Jon Simmons somehow made you feel completely alone in the sold out room.

Their petrifaction deepened and once the set came to a close, you still stood there not wanting it to end. Whilst mainly playing tracks from their recent record, they did date back to famously known songs in order to please the audience. Ending with ‘Cut Me Open’ came to a shock with the crowd and the crowd, surprisingly not expecting an encore, seemed to have left almost imminently before the band could even dictate, leaving all lost souls behind in the darkness

Isha Shah

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