Wake Up

The freshly-picked punk/hardcore band Hopes from Liberec, Czech Republic have just released a brand new EP, Wake Up. Building up their own established sound, the newly exposed band have created such a tight little collection of tracks which represent all their hard work.

Mastering a matured tone, ‘Step Out’ quickly introduces Wake Up to a new audience which then builds onto the second track, exploring highly texturised movements, embracing their influence of Terror and Stick To Your Guns. With their hardened tone the band do not sound new at all, as their scent is so concentrated that it screams experience.

Hopes don’t waste their time by producing something mediocre, as each song proves its worthy with another. You are definitely woken up by now, as their riveting sound captures you in an instant, filled with melodic twists and bouncy beats that get your blood pumping through your veins.

‘Friends’ unites the album to a close with an edgy punk feel that is filled with influential style rhythms. By combining these all to a decided end, it strengthens the song as part of a solid album that is a great credit to the current wave of bands in the hardcore scene.

Isha Shah


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