When they’re not carving giant wooden dicks and creating psychedelic twerk-fest music videos, Mastodon release heavy metal albums. This year’s Once More ‘Round The Sun is the latest in their catalogue and further proves they are incapable of making a bad record.

Mastodon tweak your third eye as they conjure horrifying worlds based around Moby Dick and astral travel; they’re quite the spectacle to say the least. They’re not your most conventional band, yet they seem to have soared towards the top of the game in heavy music.

With their latest release adding a level of accessibility, while still holding onto their sludgy beginnings, now is the time to catch this band live. With its clever psychedelic-pop sensibilities, new song ‘The Motherload’ is a song begging for crowds of fans screaming back that chorus.

Be sure to catch them this Saturday at the O2 Guildhall, Southampton. Tickets are still available here.

Rob Sayers

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