Cabin Boy Jumped Ship started off their thirteen date tour at The Joiners in Southampton supported by four rising successes of local talent.

It was apparent from the army of CBJS merchandise-clad fans before the doors opened, the night was going to be a success. It was obvious that the night was going to be full of screaming fangirls, circle pits and androgynous crowd members. The bands were better than ever expected, with great local music from With Our Last Year, Nefarious, Tonight We Fall and Portsmouth’s refreshing new take on modern metalcore with obvious influences such as Parkway Drive and The Colour Morale.

CBJS are what you are to expect from a band who class themselves as metal hardcore/dub metal/ trance metal. It seems you can put any adjective in front of ‘metal’ and it becomes another subgenre with no real relevance. Despite this, their performance was powerful and the atmosphere was phenomenal. Finishing with an encore as the audience begged for the night to continue, you can take away how impressive their overall set was.

The vocals could had be stronger and cleaner, but the rest of the band dominated, and with a drummer of only 17 years of age who had only a few months to learn the set before touring, he kept the set together beautifully. Sounding a lot like a young Bring Me The Horizon meets old Enter Shikari electronics, they aren’t all about sticking to one particular type of metalcore which makes them unique.

The South Coast local bands really did give the whole gig a sentimental feel with the passion for live music and local venues. CBJS are only at the beginning of what could be a really successful journey with them, with time and practice they could dominate festivals and charts alike.

Charlotte Croft

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