After their European Tour only reaching three cities here in the UK back in February, A Day To Remember have returned with their All Signs Point To Britain tour covering cities across the country. With support from Decade and Lower Than Atlantis, the tour kicks off at Portsmouth Guildhall. A live debut of ‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’ from their latest self-titled album and a mix of old songs from World Record makes a perfect ten-song set from Lower Than Atlantis. The crowd begin to jump around and some fans even attempt to start a mosh pit to their end song ‘Here We Go’.

Anticipation was in the air and screams filled the room as the lights went down and A Day To Remember took the stage. Straight away, the crowd begin to chant the opening lines to well-known song ‘Downfall Of Us All’ from 2009 album Homesick. The set follows through into ‘2nd Sucks’ which gets the crowd jumping, pits opening and fans screaming the catchy lyrics back to the five-piece metalcore band.

Five songs in comes ‘I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?’ and as hoped, the crowd perfectly harmonised the famous ‘cough’ within the song. Sailing through the set with smoke machines and confetti, A Day To Remember please old and new fans with songs from a variety of albums. As the band begin to play ‘Mr Highway’s Thinking About The End’ the timing of the song has been slowed down compared to the recorded version, yet Jeremy McKinnon’s voice struggled to keep up. For the next few songs his voice continues to crack in a few places, where you could hear a backing track playing in the background.

Sadly, due to a fan falling from the balcony and being in a critical condition, it was a common courtesy for A Day To Remember to stop the show there out of respect. Although the night ended on a low and McKinnon’s voice wasn’t as very strong at points, the atmosphere was brilliant and the set list was impeccable.

Carys Shaves

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  1. Attempts of a mosh pit LTA? There was definately a mosh pit in the last song or two, I was straight in it, front and centre, if only it started earlier during their set because they played well despite the sound being not amazing. Great gig all together with a short sad ending

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