The Neighbourhood – ‘#icanteven (ft. French Montana)’

Going by title alone, it would be easy to dismiss The Neighbourhood‘s new single – lifted from their upcoming project #000000 & #FFFFFF – as the latest offender in an irritating string of novelty songs that leech off of internet memes and Twitter lingo. Ironically, however, it serves as both the band’s most emotionally charged and sonically impressive cut to date.

Rooted deeply in frontman Jesse Rutherford’s own personal heartbreak, ‘#icanteven’ is swamped with chagrin – and yet the gaping wounds that scar his wordplay as a result of his humiliation are offset with slick, moody synthesizers and booming percussion.

Even French Montana – not widely considered to be one of rap’s most elegant contributors – provides a guest verse that adds a complimentary dynamic to assure the track doesn’t drown within its own brooding sentiments.

Joshua Pauley @PutUp0rShutUp

Nicki Minaj – Bed Of Lies

Nicki Minaj, who is usually known for her explicit lyrics, has released her most personal song yet. The song ‘Bed of Lies’, which features Scottish singer Skylar Grey is the fourth single from her upcoming album The Pinkprint. The song opens with soft vocals from Grey, with Minaj pouring her heart out thought the verses. The song is emotional ballad about heart break and distrust – showing us a different side of the rapper that we never thought we would hear.

Chelsey Ferris @chelseyferris1

Walk The Moon – ‘Different Colors’

The Ohio-based indie-pop quartet disregard the winter blues with their infectiously summery second single from their highly anticipated album Talking Is Hard. Walk The Moon have been delighting fans with their happy go lucky charm since 2008, with ‘Different Colors’ doing no different.

‘Different Colors’ embraces sensations of teenage nostalgia with lyrics “Cause when the people get to dancing / it would be the moment when we rise” accompanied by a danceable melody. The slow opening, chorus driven track incorporates lead singer Nicholas Petricca’s characteristic croons and M83 inspired drumbeats along to a pulsating upbeat rhythm.

Walk The Moon provide laidback listening and deliver a dynamic burst of energy that creates a blissful and exhilarating atmosphere.

Lydia Hughes @Lydia_Melisa95

Charli XCX – Gold Coins

‘Gold Coins’ is a new, fun pop song from Charli XCX. It’s made up of snappy vocals, a simple but catchy guitar line and a groovy beat. The lyrics seem to be talking about the dream of fame, which is something the pop star is beginning to experience her self. Lyrics like “Escape into the sky in my own private jet,” it casts a strong narrative that creates more enjoyment out of the listener. Overall, the song has a relaxing, Summery feel to it. It puts the listener into ease, making them feel even more relaxed as they imagine the beautiful, rich fantasy.

Megan McMillan

A Place To Bury Stangers – Straight

Usually known for their semi-unlistenable, uncontainable noise, A Place To Bury Strangers appear to revel in reigning it in on ‘Straight’, the first track to make an appearance from upcoming fourth record Transfixiation. While it revolves around the panicked simplicity of the drums and an obviously infectious guitar riff, these feel like a disguise for the uncontrollable squeals and splutters of noise hidden underneath. It’s less like the spit in the face we’re use to from them and more like subtle jab in the back of the head.

Connor Cass @connorcass

Pia Mia – ‘Fuck With You (FWU)’

As one of the most casually cool and vocally gifted starlets in the pop industry, Pia Mia has made bigger strides off the back of an EP and an array of covers than some manage throughout the entirety of their careers – and with her latest offering, there’s nothing to suggest that she’s going to halt her grind anytime soon.

Pairing with regular collaborator and ‘Loyal’ hitmaker Nic Nac, ‘Fuck With You’ blurs the lines of R&B’s smoothness and hip hop’s bullish demeanour – with Mia’s dominant attitude wrestling its way into a series of sleek hooks brimming with pop sensibilities. Running through vocal passages that mirror Craig David‘s signature croon over an assortment of bouncy synths and blunt piano lines, the song manages to harken back to the early 2000s whilst stylistically matching up with the club patented sounds of 2014.

Joshua Pauley @PutUp0rShutUp

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