circa waves

On the road for some time now, a trio of bands reached The Joiners, Southampton’s most treasured compact venue to spread their lively vibes for the night.

Wasting no time at all, starting off this spectacular night was Cambridge’s finest grungers, Bloody Knees. The originally presented four-piece had turned up one body short as guitarist Christian was absent. Despite their unusual format, the trio still impacted the crowd with their blood-pumping movements and fast-tempo riffs that sent out whirls of adrenaline.

For an opening band, Bloody Knees had sure done their job well, sending a hurl of people flying towards the latter end of their set where moshers banged into each other on numerous occasions. The raw sharpness found within vocalist Bradley Griffiths is something to be experienced live. The pure rapture of being stood in front of his gazing voice felt mesmerising against the band’s grungey strums. Ending their heated set, the crowd was pumped for one final band before Circa Waves took over.

Flying all the way from New York was Public Access, a thrillingly warm and vibrant band who brought a light spirit along with their music. Dressed the part, the band took to the stage, lighting their presence with the bright glowing shades that skimmed the room as small tones of their sound were released. Their dated, classic accent presented a chilled out atmosphere for the crowd by keeping their attention close and encouraging them to relax and lose themselves within the groovy swirls.

Right from the grand entrance of Circa Waves slowly stooping on stage, they were greeted by roaring waves of screams by the packed out floor space where huddled heads clattered together in alliance.

‘Young Chaser’ swept in imminently causing echoing voices that mimicked every line. The bands stage interactions with their fans were closely nipped as in-between songs they would take time to make sure everyone was still having a good time. Judging by the audience’s reaction, it was clear that high spirits were flying through the reaching hands, sweeping the air.

For such a young talented four-piece, their indie rock edge was dominant on the night as their music was modern and creative. All of their talent was assuredly exposed within the hour set time they had as each song contained even more energy than the last, pumping up the mood.

‘Get Away’ ended the night with a bouncy beat that got everyone dancing one final time before the last lyric lingered in the air, leaving a blank dark stage.

Isha Shah

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