After announcing their first European festival date for 2015 and playing a series of gigs across the UK, Dolomite Minor return to The Joiners in Southampton with support from Spynes, Elxir and Bully Bones.

Twenty minutes after doors opened The Joiners began to fill up with what looked like college students, which is what you might expect from a venue literally yards away from a college. However, those apparent college students took to the stage and started playing, appearing to actually be the support bands and not just some local punks trying their luck. Unfortunately the support bands were below par in their performance, like they’d been drafted in last minute to fill a hole. Bully Bones had a 70s pub rock feel about them and Spynes were old-school sleazy rock ‘n’ roll with a frontman who appeared to be rather fond of himself.

The anticipation grew rapidly when the audience of a nearly-sold-out Joiners saw Dolomite Minor take to the stage and almost blow the roof off the venue. As they launch into their thunderous opener ‘Girl of Gold’, the crowd begin jumping almost instantaneously. The duo follow up with the bone-crushing ‘Talk Like an Aztec’ which was part of an XFM feature entitled ‘Great Expectations for 2014’. There is then a pause for the first time during the set as guitarist/vocalist Joe Grimshaw says “it feels good to be back here,” which is met with cheers followed by a distorted noise from Grimshaw’s guitar as he begins ‘Hypnotise’, a heavy riff-based blues rock blast which vibrates the floor of The Joiners with unabashed fury.

The set ends with ‘Watch Yourself’, a song so full of brilliant guitar riffs that it’s enough to make any guitarist want to go home and try to agonisingly write replicates, and ‘Let Me Go’, a song that builds and drops ferociously. It’s clear that Dolomite Minor have a lot in their arsenal to give guitar music new vigour and they have the potential to put Southampton on the music map.

Tom Staniszewski

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