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Within seconds of their set starting it was clear why Fort Hope, formed from the broken bones of My Passion, were chosen to open for Mallory Knox’s second headline tour. Not unlike Mikey Chapman, Singer Jon Gaskin sells on an incredibly powerful set of lungs, although Gaskin’s vocals are cut up by the occasional scream as well. Fort Hope boast some smooth riffs and surprisingly heavy bass, leaving them sounding a little like Blitz Kids, only punkier and with better harmonies.

Moose Blood’s heartachey emo sound was a gentle escape compared to Fort Hope. Despite the storm howling outside, the Pyramids were awash with twinkly guitars and that strange summer vibe that comes with these bands. Moose Blood are perfectly nice to listen to live. Nod along. Tap your foot. But with the exception of ‘I Hope You’re Miserable’, which saw their set take a weepy slow turn, no song was especially distinguishable from any of the others.

So Frenk Iero, known to essentially everyone for playing guitar in My Chemical Romance, was greeted onto the stage by a horde of wailing kids. While his piercing voice cut through the venue, ringing in everyone’s ears, it was difficult to decipher what exactly FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration were aiming to sound like, short of My Chem that isn’t My Chem. Truthfully, they could’ve played absolutely anything and his fans wouldn’t have cared; the crowd of deluded teenagers cheered just about anything Iero did. Turns around to face the audience, **cheers**. Sits down on the floor and spits a bit of water over himself, **cheers**. Apparently having been in one of the most influential bands of a generation makes anything Frank Iero does woo-worthy.

A surprising number of people left after FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration. More fool them. Mallory Knox strode onto the stage, confident and powerful, tearing into their first song ‘QOD II’. The Cambridge five-piece made easy work of playing the best of their two albums, made better by singer Mikey Chapman’s fierce live presence. A band who remain in touch with their fans as best they can, Mallory even found time to sneak material from their debut EP Pilot into their set, carefully stitching together ‘Resuscitate’ and ‘Oceans’ into one song. After ‘Death Rattle’ they left the stage, the lights stayed off, but the slightly depleted audience couldn’t quite keep the chant for an encore going long enough for it to sound sincere. Naturally, after a slight awkward silence, all of the band (apart from bassist Sam Douglas, who rejoined a little later) came back on stage for an encore of ‘She Took Him To The Lake’ and ‘Lighthouse’ during which the Pyramid became picturesque, glowing solely with the lights of phones. With glints and glimmers still visible in the venue’s glass ceiling, a triumphant Mallory Knox left the stage knowing that they’d truly delivered. Again.

Callum Cornwell

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  1. I agree with what you said about Frank Iero. To be quite honest the ex mcr members aren’t doing anything amazing (that aren’t my cup of tea). Even gerard ways new song were a meh, but just my opinion. Great review 🙂

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