Young Fathers – Soon Come Soon

Post-Mercury Award win, Young Fathers continue to find the most startlingly beautiful life in a desolate, post apocalyptic city that makes their sound. It begins atypically, with a low, menacing hum of bass, fluid percussion and semi-deadpan verses, which all gives way to a striking melodic hook.The track climaxes into a combination of broken synths, psychedelic tinkering and cloudy chants, which all serve to create their most blissful climax yet. As a one-off single, ‘Soon Come Soon’ serves as a reminder of everything Young Fathers have built so far, as well as a note that their future endeavours will continue to excite.

Connor Cass @connorcass

Listen to ‘Soon Come Soon’ here.

Paramore – ‘Tell Me It’s Okay’

It’s been over a year since the release of Paramore’s self-titled fourth album, and now it’s been re-released with a few new tracks for super fans to get stuck into.

One of these tracks is a demo version of ‘Tell Me It’s Okay’ – a track that, tragically, never made it onto the original album. You can’t help but wonder what the end product would have been.

It’s a pop-punk belter with a side order of riot grrrl. Explosive guitars, stomping drums and angst-ridden vocals make this track arguably one of Paramore’s best. The chorus of “Tell me it’s okay to be happy now/Because I’m happy now,” is irritatingly catchy and Williams’ shouty, carefree vocals make it hard not to sing along.

Is it lyrically one of Paramore’s best songs? No, but it is a hell of a lot more fun than most.

Zoe Coxon @kweencoxon

Enter Shikari – Never Let Go Of The Microscope

Yet again Enter Shikari have not failed to impress. Their new track ‘Never Let Go Of The Microscope’ features a funky sounding bass with sci-fi style melodic clashing chords and seven string guitar from Rory. It’s hip-hop vibes and kickass rapping in the first half of the song step away from the band’s hardcore roots but the track then builds up with anticipation and features a breakdown of shouting and Shikari’s signature intense gang vocals. The sound of an eerie musical box closes the song with great poignancy. Overall, a very conceptual and atmospheric track that in its lyrics describes “the need for scientific approach to morality to stop the harmful “traditions” that are STILL practised in the world” (Rou Reynolds): “But atrocities go untouched under the guise of culture/Committed on another mind another heartbeat.”  It will sit well the scientific theme of the upcoming album.

Rosalyn Boder @Rozzzle

Circa Waves – Fossils

A brand new set of sounds and funky tempos come from Circa Waves ‘Fossils’, as its latest sound appears even deeper in bounce. The band have already produced upbeat music, but with this track, the intro is the first thing that sucks you in.

Known for their captivating sound, the lively quartet have produced a strong structured single that holds a great narrative. Of course ‘Fossils’ had to punch one hell of a guitar solo, complimenting the song fully, finishing it off on a lighter note.

Isha Shah @L0wRegards

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – ‘Sunday Candy’

As we continue to wait for Chance The Rapper and co’s full-length Surf – which has yet to have a release date – The Social Experiment continue keeping us interested by teasing us with what they’ve been squirrelling away in the studio.

‘Sunday Candy’ arrives as the first ambassador of Surf and it maintains the gospel-tinged sugar coated sweetness that Chance and The Social Experiment have now perfected. There are splashes of steel drums and Jamila Woods guests on the sweet hook, it’s the gem you’ve been waiting all week for.

James Barlow @BassOddity

Fall Out Boy – American Beauty, American Psycho

On first hearing Fall Out Boy’s new track, it is almost impossible to tell that this is the same band that released emo cult hits ‘Dance, Dance’, ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’ and ‘This Ain’t a Scene’. With its electro dance-beat and lack of guitar, Fall Out Boy are distancing themselves with their emo days as much as possible and continuing their new journey into the world of electronically enhanced music. A sound that, surprisingly, works well for them.

Martha Gregory @MarthaGregory94

Bonobo – Return to Air

Simon Green is an enigma. He continues to produce music under the name Bonobo with a basic blueprint underpinning everything he does, yet his new track ‘Return to Air’, much like his other material, seems to be beautifully atypical.

East Asian strings twinkle delicately over a subtle bass note surrounded by backwards-looped psychedelia, and an unintelligible female vocal wanders in momentarily before the zen-like beat kicks in, moving the track into a danceable nirvana.

It’s simultaneously relaxing and energetic, a weirdly palpable state of heavenly omnipresence. ‘Return to Air’ sees Bonobo achieve the unknowable feat of somehow perfecting musical transcendentalism.

Nathan Butler @PeakFiDem

Palm Reader – I Watch The Fire Chase My Tongue

‘I Watch The Fire Chase My Tongue is the first track from one of UK hardcore’s most promising band’s second album, Beside The Ones We Love, and it’s one of their most hard hitting songs yet. ‘I Watch The Fire Chase My Tongue’ is lairy, vicious, and bleak, the vocals and snare intro instantly grips and drags you kicking and screaming into a dischordy verse. This is definitely the darkest Palm Reader have gone and we like it – it gives the feeling that Palm Reader is about to give the British underground another kick up the arse.

Jack King @Jackingy

Cal Chuchesta – I’m in ❤ Weth the Cocoa

Being the roommate of The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd, Anthony Fantano must make it incredibly hard to make a name for yourself, but Cal Chuchesta is stepping out of Fantano’s shadow with the hottest trep benger of 2014.

It’s a thugnificent ode to his favourite winter beverage cocoa, and Cal completely breaks new ground in hip hop by detailing his process of drinking cocoa, right from buying it at the store “with a cuepan!” all the way to Cal’s “tum-tum”. His tantalising description of a whipped cream and marshmallow-topped cocoa will leave you longing for a sip on Cal’s cocoa, but “you ain’t gettin’ no cocoa” cuz Cal’s “the one who went to the store and baught it!”

Cal is clearly one of the most forward-thinking rappers out there, so let’s hope he releases more fire before Fantano reaches breaking point and locks him in a closet.

Nathan Butler @PeakFiDem

While She Sleeps – Four Walls

Following frontman Loz Taylor’s throat surgery this year, the sound of While She Sleeps forthcoming album Brainwashed was questionable, with followers not knowing what the consequences of such a procedure would be on his vocal performance.

There is a newfound rawness to his voice, displayed firstly on new single ‘New World Torture’, and now on ‘Four Walls’. This track, despite the new sound, incorporates the famous gang vocals that laced their previous record This Is The Six together. It blends their current and old styles to create something that is both nostalgic and original. There is an overall pace to the song, and the choruses are bordering on anthemic, setting it solidly alongside their best releases to date.

Adrianne Goron  @AdrianneGoron


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