It’s been six years since the world’s biggest rock band released an album. Now Australian hard rockers AC/DC have made a return and put out their sixteenth studio album.

They have released two singles from the album, the title track ‘Rock or Bust’ and ‘Play Ball’, which also have music videos. From these two tracks it’s safe to say that AC/DC have stuck to their core sound that their fans fell in love with, so there’ll be no disappointment. Angus Young continues to carve flawless distorted guitar riffs whilst Bryan Johnson sings his heart out and blows the listener away with his impactful vocals. When listening to Rock or Bust it’s clear to see AC/DC’s blues influence. ‘Hard Times’ for example, is your classic blues track with iconic riff patterns the genre is known for, along with a subject matter that’s a bit gritty, and husky vocals to suit it.

As for the rest of the album, the nine songs to follow have a carefree, reckless attitude about them that is so ever present in rock ‘n’ roll. It shines through in songs like ‘Miss Adventure’ and ‘Got Some Rock ‘n’ Roll Thunder’ where they haven’t written about anything particularly significant but about letting loose and having a good time. And in times where music is often very serious and the fans can become way too sentimental about it, it’s good to have music of this sort. It’s cheeky and fun, which is what rock ‘n’ roll should be about.

Overall, this album is recommended for people who like classic, bluesy rock and AC/DC in general. It’s a great addition to their extensive discography. These songs, particularly the two singles, are incredibly catchy and enjoyable, even memorable. With the amount of songs that AC/DC have written in the past couple of decades it must be hard to write striking songs that the fans remember so this album is definitely an achievement.

Megan McMillan


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