Interpol – ‘What Is What’

After the release of their fifth studio album El Pintor, Interpol have released a new track called ‘What Is What’. The track coincides with a mural created by street artist Shepard Fairey inspired by Interpol’s El Pintor track ‘Everything Is Wrong’. ‘What Is What’ melodically has the ability to soften frontman Paul Banks’ rough vocals enabling all parts of the music to complement each other perfectly. This song shows us that Interpol have not dried out and are as creative as ever and they have not let us forget that there’s still plenty of value in their music.

Tom Staniszewski @What_Tom_Said_

Purity Ring – ‘Push Pull’

Purity Ring has had a disappointingly quiet couple of years, which has seen them make just a few fleeting appearances, but that looks set to change with ‘Push Pull’, the first taste of the Canadian duo’s sophomore record. The ill-informed have been comparing the track to CHVRCHES, but Lauren Mayberry and co are unlikely to muster such a captivating and ethereal track like ‘Push Pull’. It’s standard yet classic Purity Ring, with Megan James’ saccharine vocals floating over a lush bed of warm synths and cavernous  beats, ultimately leading to a chorus that simultaneously beautiful and infectious.

Connor Cass @connorcass

Novelist x Mumdance- ‘Shook’

Fresh from making it onto BBC’s Sound of 2015, Novelist is absolutely killing it and looks to be continuing this trend into next year if ‘Shook’ from his and Mumdance’s 1 sec EP, due out in late January, is any indicator.

Drawing on an old school, Dizzee-esque soundbank, in true Mumdance style, the track is dissonant and juxtapositional whilst Novelist very competently flows breezily across the beat in what could well be a contender for track of the year. If this track’s anything to go by, Novelist and Mumdances 1sec EP could be the future the Grime scene is seeking.

Richard Lowe @RichardLowe15

Angels And Airwaves – ‘Tunnels’

Tom Delonge’s band, Angels and Airwaves, are known for their dreamy, atmospheric sound. Their new track, ‘Tunnels’, incorporates all this and more. The romantic harmonies are incredibly relaxing to listen to while the sci-fi synthesisers send you off to another world in your imagination. The overall production of the song is flawless, there are no mess ups at all in terms of sound quality such as the pounding drum beat.

‘Tunnels’ is ultimately a very powerful song. The melodies along with lyrics such as “I am still without devotion”-the very first words sung-is the sort of music that will move you and send chills down your spine. It is classic Angels and Airwaves; fans will not be let down.

Megan McMillan @leiajeanmcmil


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