amity afflication

Finally leaving the UK with yet another solid line up of bands, The Amity Affliction played their last show at O2 Islington Academy before flying over to Cologne to end the Let The Ocean Take Me Tour 2014.

Wasting no time at all, the opening act Napoleon took to the sold-out venue and started amplifying their broaden melodic metal sound. Despite the early start and the half-filled crowd, the band were still full of energy, pumping around the stage spitting their harsh vocals right into the crowd’s face. Most definitely a lively set, coming from the four-piece, as live they bring a whole new experience.

Keeping similar vibes, Heart In Hand appeared following the same path, and they got stuck in. Needing no introduction at all, vocalist Charlie Holmes grabbed hold of the mic, which swung in all directions as he danced across the stage. Taking half of the set to branch out the new album, A Beautiful White was struck as a first listen to the London crowd, which caused circles of bodies to fly around.

The Plot In You took over, drawing more faces closer as their set started. Similarly to The Amity, their metalcore thrashing riffs left the room filled with hurls of vibrations which set your stomach in knots as they dived into their first song. The lights flashed in all directions, focusing their fast-paced tune as the vocalist took on the role of singing both clean and screamed noises, which better suited the rough crowd. As a warming up act, the audience didn’t take much notice of getting involved, despite the small pit forming centre floor as more and more kids joined in this colliding dance.

The buildup of tension was rising to boiling point as time pressed for headliners, The Amity Affliction to devour the crowd. They made their grand entrance to the stage which was instantly reacted upon with a flood of cheering hands that greeted the band to the high key lit-up stage.

‘Pittsburgh’ started the hectic night with an instant wave of bodies crashing into each other, moving in time with the music being projected on stage. With a mixture of old and new songs being played, there was something for everyone to connect to and have a little mosh around, as more than a third of the room was active.

Halfway through there was a release of crowd surfers, sifting through the parachuted hands which carried them to the front, where Joel reached out to. The stage was heated up, fire fuel as each member contained their space, crossing paths to give their set an energy boost.

With that seemed like a short set, the band ended their eighth song in with ‘Never Alone’ which got everyone’s hearts racing in synced harmony as voices filled the room with echoes. But off course this wasn’t their last song, and an encore was chanted for so The Amity arrived shortly back, with two more tracks for all the hardcore lovers.

Joel then ended the night completely with a heart-felt speech, wrapping up what the band means which was appreciated by the roars and smiles on everyone’s faces, as they left the venue in highly chattered conversations about what a great night they just had.

Isha Shah

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