From headline tours across the US, Neck Deep have brought three triumphant pop punk bands back with them to the UK for a headline tour, joined by the likes of Seaway, Trophy Eyes and Knuckle Puck.

Bringing up the posi vibes right from the start were Canadian pop punkers Seaway, pulling in their highly energetic sound to a new set of ears. Joined by addictive beats that get your head bobbing, the band opened up the night to a bright start. Followed by Trophy Eyes, a punk band that travelled from the other side of the world, added to the upbeat presence. Producing a heavier tone that was achy in breaths, the five-piece attracted a large crowd that swarmed into several pits, banging into each other in time with the edgy music.

Trophy Eyes were more known in the UK than they had anticipated, opening up with ‘May 25’ the band were greeted with a roaring crowd, mimicking their own written words.

Two bands in, and the night was still young, with overly-hyped teenagers trying to cause a racket, the crowd was somewhat irritating in charisma, trying to bash each other up rather than actually connecting with the music. Trying to restore peace were main supports, Knuckle Puck traveling from the suburbs of Chicago.

Bringing a greater voice than any of the bands, Knuckle Puck swarmed hands of fans waving in the air as they played their famously known tracks ‘Gold Rush’ and ‘No Good’. Stepping up their game with most of the crowd interacting the band had succeeded in warming up the stage for Neck Deep as the quintet bounced around energetically to typical pop punk beats and sad, teenaged lyrics.

Finally moving on the darker end of the night with the UK’s finest pop punk band Neck Deep, instantly grabbing a hold to the stage forming the whole crowd to bounce to. The band have certainly gained a large amount of confidence from two years ago when they were not as established, and the quintet have also improved dramatically in sound.

With positive vibes in the air and typical 4/4 beats repeating, the band were full way into their set banging out tunes from their latest album, Wishful Thinking whilst still revisiting some old classics from their strongest EPs.

Neck Deep got everyone’s feels racing to ‘Part of Me’ where Ben Barlow gave a passionate performance to a bunch of phones waving in the air and lovers holding each other tight. Despite the young crowd, there were a few highlights to their set when their famously known ‘All Hype No Heart’ beat down cover got introduced and a heavier attitude towards this track was released among the crowd.  All in all the night ended in full swing with some fresh new tracks being played for the first time; the tour was a solid line-up.

Isha Shah

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