Swarming in from their second EP, the London rocker’s Zoax have come out with even more groovy swaying mixes of alternative rock music, pocketed with eruptions of screams. Is Everybody Listening without a doubt conquests all EPs for 2015.

The five-piece experimental don’t only produce this unique sound on record but trail this outburst of echoes into their live performances which puts Broadway to shame in their entertaining presence.

Opening up with a soft groove track, Zoax have allowed you to slowly come to ease with their sound as a little introduction to their EP, screaming “Is Everybody Listening?” before they break through into their improved waves of ‘Lonely Souls’. The beauty of this track is simply its change in tempo as well as pitch, traveling from their original hard-hitting bashes into a bluesy whisper found in the chorus before returning back to their angsty breaths that vocalist Adam Carroll produces, his face filled with passion. It was clear even before the EP was released that this track was going to be a sensational hit, purely based on the mastering talent gone into every detail, marking it to hold strong among any listeners.

‘Click’ brings back Zoax’s dated style however adding more hard-hitting punches; the track evidently shows their progressed sound. If you are a fan of modern alternative music, then Zoax are a band built for you as they unfold layers from all decades of music, compacting it into a small EP of six tracks that are sure to cause a storm to your ear drums, differing from your typical boring rock band.Even if you’re looking for a slightly less chilled track then ‘Right Words’ and ‘Innocent Eyes’ are tailored for you, still keeping their edgy spit, the band have created standalone tracks which are sure to blow you away.

Isha Shah


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